Is Obama Careless or Really That Stupid?

By: Elizabeth Marion

That’s the question that I had to ask myself after seeing a clip from a speech delivered by the governor of Louisiana. He was sharing a conversation he had with the President. When he had expressed concern on the effect of the moratorium on jobs the President assured him those people could file a claim with BP. And when the President was pressed further on the matter he replied that those people could file for unemployment benefits. Governor Jindal also said that when he expressed concern over the jobs moving overseas the administration told him that the rigs would just come back.

These statements are not just stupid or ignorant, though those descriptions would not be entirely inaccurate. These statements are careless. It’s as if the President of the United States couldn’t care less how many people are unemployed and are either desperately trying to find a job or are collecting unemployment checks. And this is the same President who is going around bragging about the effects of his stimulus and taking credit for saving our economy.
It reminds me of the careless way Congress has referred to unemployment extensions as jobs bills. Washington does not care whether or not people have jobs. If someone has a job they think that’s good, but if someone is on unemployment benefits instead of working they think that’s good, too. Having a job or being on unemployment benefits is one and the same to these people. Nancy Pelosi has already made the incredible statement that unemployment extensions create jobs. Now President Obama’s response to people trying to find work is that they can file for unemployment benefits.

Despite all the bragging from this administration about the jobs they have created they really don’t seem to care whether or not Americans are working. Carelessness is really the only credible explanation for the attitude of this administration. I cannot bring myself to accept the idea that this administration is really so stupid as to believe that they can fix our economy by spending more money on unemployment and then encouraging more people to sign up for unemployment benefits.

They are careless about jobs. Unemployment numbers hovering around ten percent month after month has become acceptable. They have their own agenda in Washington and they don’t care how many Americans are hurt by it or how many Americans rely on unemployment to make ends meet instead of a real job.


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