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July 31, 2010

President and Judge Thwart Democracy, Side With Illegals Vs. Americans

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has been conducting TV, Radio, and newspaper interviews all day about the group’s “Safe Departure” request for Obama to allow illegal immigrants to leave the nation unhindered at border checkpoints when news of the court …

Clinton judge rules against Arizona immigration law

Filed under: Immigration,In The News - 31 Jul 2010

A President Bill Clinton appointed federal district court judge in Arizona today blocked what are considered the most important provisions of Arizona’s immigration law from taking effect.

The overall law may still take …

Concealed American Corruption

Filed under: Politics In General - 31 Jul 2010

Corruption in America, its not new, it’s been around for years, but why do we as Americans constantly allow this abomination to exist, with no fair and equable establish procedures or final solutions. Some are given a free pass, while …

Islamic Imperialism in Manhattan

Filed under: Featured Conservative,In The News - 31 Jul 2010

From the ruins of the world trade center arises… well it’s not going to be another trade center, or, for that fact, a memorial to the atrocities committed on September 11, 2001. Instead it’s going to be a memorial to …