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July 27, 2010

Tweets About Whale Wars

Filed under: Potpourri - 27 Jul 2010

Though Whale Wars is an interesting program, in light of it, Discovery Networks should broadcast from a favorable standpoint a program about a band of prolife activists disrupting the operations of an abortion clinic.

Washington Post Slams U.S. intelligence Community

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood,In The News - 27 Jul 2010

In a controversial article, the Washington Post reported that U.S. intelligence gathering has become so massive since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that agencies are plagued with redundancy and that many intelligence reports are routinely ignored.

On Handguns and the Constitution

By: Ronald J. Rychlak

On June 28, in the case McDonald v. Chicago, the United States Supreme Court held that cities and states cannot interfere with the right of individuals to keep and bear arms. The city of Chicago had tried …

America’s Decline Forty-One Years After Apollo 11

This week marks the forty-first anniversary of one of America’s crowning achievements, the first manned landing on the moon. Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, riding on the shoulders of thousands of engineers, technicians, and manufacturers, touched …

July 26, 2010

Tea Parties Give Liberal Media Too Much Power.

It is truly amazing how the scarlet “R” branded on one’s forehead by the liberal mainstream media for alleged racism cause some conservatives to flee in fear.

America and the Doctrine of the Last Chance

Filed under: Politics In General - 26 Jul 2010

The History Channel cooks up a nice pot of Nostradamus and eschatological soup with their multi episodic “The Nostradamus Effect.” As usual their best is salted with doubt, dissing and secularist expertise that would be better used in a …

Obama’s Illegal Alien Financial Bonanza

Filed under: Immigration - 26 Jul 2010

Last week, the US Senate approved the most far-reaching expansion of Wall Street regulations and the financial industry since the Great Depression. Part of that expansion of government power is President Barack Obama naming three nominees to the board of …

Hello, I’m a Racist, Pleased to Meet You

There is such a thing as a conditioned response.  Here’s an example: Leftists call conservatives “racists.”  Conservatives cower and stutter some defense.  Leftists call conservatives “racists” some more.  Conservatives cower some more.  Question: How do you think you break this …

July 25, 2010

The NAACP Dinosaur

Filed under: Politics In General - 25 Jul 2010

Ronald Reagan one of our greatest Republican United States Presidents said this classic line, “There you go again”, to both of his opposing Democratic presidential candidates, at their debates’, the first was Jimmy Carter and four years later with Walter …

I Had A Dream

Filed under: American National Security,Immigration - 25 Jul 2010

I dreamt I was walking down the street in Washington DC behind the Congressional office buildings. There in trash containers were all the documents that made this country great. The Declaration of Independence, the constitution, the bill of rights, …

Repeal it All

The GOP finds itself in an advantageous situation for the upcoming elections in November. An anti incumbent sentiment, and increasingly unpopular President, and anger at the Democratic agenda. These things would normally be a good sign for the minority party, …

July 24, 2010

Redistribution of Income

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 24 Jul 2010

By Ben Cerruti

We have been witnesses to a continuing use of class warfare by those in government, abetted by the media and an assortment of special interest groups and individuals. In this essay we will consider the methods they use …

The Future of America: Is the Prevailing Pessimism Warranted?

By: Ron Lipsman

There is no denying the heightened level of concern among the public for the future of our nation. Polls consistently reveal that optimism among American adults about the future welfare of their children and grandchildren is plummeting.

Israel – Negotiating With Naysayers Needs Nous

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 24 Jul 2010

Egypt has been the latest venue for attempts to kick start direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and President Obama’s special envoy George Mitchell jetted into Cairo over …

Lindsey Graham: Portrait Of A Principled Idiot

I really did not want to write a second article in a one month about Senator Lindsey Graham considering he is from South Carolina and I am from Pennsylvania. But I must. He is forcing my hand.

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