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July 20, 2010

Obama And The Uncle Toms

Filed under: History,Politics In General - 20 Jul 2010

I’m sure my comments will be interpreted as racist by some. The fact is they are anything but this is an unpolished journey into today’s truths regarding black / white relations! Blacks shouldn’t be allowed to get away with derogatory …

Racism Redefined by the Orwellian Newspeakers

We’ve had Newspeakers even before Orwell put a name on it. But it seems to have worsened recently.

Clinton decided to call government spending “investment.” As if that makes it less of an expense! Democrats now call it …

July 19, 2010

Mexico’s Brutality Towards Illegal Aliens Ignored by Obama, US Media

Filed under: Immigration,In The News - 19 Jul 2010

“Besides the news media’s overall silence on illegal immigrants being terrorized, robbed and killed by Mexican authorities, the Obama Administration and US lawmakers are equally silent.”

The “Barefoot” Culture and the Promotion of Deviance

Filed under: In The News - 19 Jul 2010

CNN reports that police authorities in the Bahamas have captured 19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore, known by the media as the “Barefoot Bandit.” This 19-year-old boy has been on the run from the law for more than two years for stealing cars, …

Yearning for the ‘brink’

Filed under: Politics In General - 19 Jul 2010

Based on America’s economy today versus where it was eighteen months ago, before Obama “brought it back from the brink” – I prefer the “brink”.

Immigration, Reconsidered

While the Obama administration has chosen the southern side in the Mexican-Arizonan border war, most Americans stand with their countrymen. They are troubled by the strain illegals place on services, the drugs and thugs moving north and blue-collar job …

July 18, 2010

Americans Ask Jim Deakin Not To Reelect John McCain

Filed under: Elections & Voting,The Republicans - 18 Jul 2010

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is publicly asking US Senate Candidate Jim Deakin to consider withdrawing from the Arizona Republican primary to avoid playing the role of a political spoiler who aids the incumbency of US Senator John McCain who …

Somali Terrorists Blast Their Way Onto World Stage

Filed under: War On Terror - 18 Jul 2010

Uganda has arrested several suspects in its investigation of the weekend terrorist bombings that killed 76 people and wounded hundreds of soccer fans who were in the midst of watching the World Cup soccer games broadcast, according to a report …

Do You Get It?

There’s no doubt that Barack Obama’s win in the 2008 presidential election made history, giving America its first black president. There’s also no doubt, that “Change We Can Believe In” was a winning campaign slogan. But there were some doubts: …

July 17, 2010

Black Tea Party Spokesperson Rebukes NAACP Resolution Against Tea Parties

Filed under: Politically Incorrect Reality - 17 Jul 2010

I’m re-reading a book I read several years ago titled “Beyond Defeat” by a wonderful black civil rights pioneer, James E. Johnson. To quote Johnson, “…there are only two things that motivate people: One is fear, and the other is …

Minuteman Project Bringing U.S. – Mexico Border to New England.

Filed under: Immigration,In The News - 17 Jul 2010

Dear Americans,

The Minuteman Project, in conjunction with Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement (, is coming to Providence, Rhode Island to support Rhode Island Democratic State Representative Peter G. Palumbo’s Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, an Arizona-style immigration …

Illegal Aliens Exempt From ICE Enforcement

Although he claims that enforcing immigration laws is vital to national security and public safety, the Assistant Secretary of Immigration and Customs Enforcement — known as ICE — circulated an internal memo ordering officers not to arrest a broad range …

ID-10T And PEBKAC Errors To Blame In Toyota Acceleration Problems

Imagine if you will, a bunch of people claim to have a car that has a problem. For the sake of argument we will call this problem “unintended acceleration” where the car takes off like a bat out of …

Racist! Racist! Everyone is Racist!

Racist. It’s a word thrown around so frequently, and casually, these days that the word has lost all real meaning. The word has been so devalued that its a wonder that people are still afraid of being stuck with that …

July 16, 2010

Norway’s Welcomed News & Wake-up Call

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,War On Terror - 16 Jul 2010

By Van D. Hipp, Jr., former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Army

This week brought welcomed news and a wake-up call in the Global War on Terror from the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Norwegian police officials confirmed on Thursday …

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