Don’t Confuse The Constitution With Politics

By: Ken Hughes

The tenth amendment to the constitution reads as follows “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The commerce clause reads as follows (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3). This clause states only Congress shall have power “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes”. commerce should mean trade and not everything else.

In recent years the commerce clause has been over worked as if it were on steroids while the tenth amendment sits on a shelf gathering dust. The truth is the entire constitution sits idly on a shelf gathering dust with the exception of the commerce clause the Supreme Court redefined its intent in 1942 to punish a farmer for growing too much grain. Where the founding fathers [nuts] to think they could put pen to paper and on two pieces write rules that would govern a nation and allow its citizens rights and freedoms when it had never been done before? Two and a quarter century’s later the battle over political power by elected officials vs. common citizens is still raging. The European Monarchies thought the Colonial experiment of a government by the common man was destined to fail. They knew the common man wasn’t capable of self government, today the monarchies are gone and common men across the globe are still struggling to prove “Yes we can.” The reason the colonial experiment was a success is because the founding fathers wrote a set of rules and called it a constitution men followed it until recently and life was good. Now that elected officials no longer follow the constitution life in this country hasn’t been so good.

The new Obama style politics seems to be chipping away at the very foundation of this nations being. It was never intended for a president to use his / her executive power to make law nor was it intended for the judicial branch to make law. The legislature has the sole power to create laws only after both houses of congress settle on the intent and language of the law only then does it go to the president for approval. To change the process would take a constitutional amendment and those take years. The founding fathers took years and many drafts creating the rules for this new nation of the people, by the people and for the people. Their intent was to make sure the people’s rights would be represented in legislation passed by congress. The very foundation of the American experiment was to make sure the people’s rights came before the politics of the moment.

For nearly three quarters of a century congress has been remiss allowing presidents to set its agenda. Congress isn’t accountable to the president as head of a political party. Congress is accountable to the public to provide the most effective government at the least cost with the least intrusion into the people’s personal lives. The government has become TO BIG TO SUCEED and it’s getting bigger. With the consent of congress the people we elect to oversee the public interests should hold an allegiance to those who elected them. The first seven articles of the constitution explicitly define the limitations of congress and the president, the tenth amendment reaffirms those limitations and finally the Supreme Court is there to make the final judgment. All of these safeguards as well as public opinion is being ignored as though they didn’t exist.

The Tea Party movement is the beginning of the second revolution and like the first it isn’t going away without seeing things change. Sarah Palin doesn’t need a horse to be the new Paul Revere she’s the voice of the people and knows where the Red Coats / Liberals are coming from and where they want to take this country.

Americans are not a perfect people and a democratic republic is not the perfect government having said that we and it just happens to be better than any of the rest. The current controversy isn’t about people leaving Arizona for its barbaric practices it’s about not being able to stem the tide of those flooding into Arizona illegally. Canada is much larger than the United States and has one quarter of the population why is Canada not flooded with illegal Hispanic immigrants given the Canadians tolerance for the absurd they should be welcome in Canada’s unpopulated far north. Both Brazil and Argentina have ample room for population expansion why aren’t Mexicans moving south? Could it be there is no place on earth except America that provides law breakers constitutional rights when they don’t qualify? The oppressed people of the world know Americans are the Fuzzy Wuzzy People who put human compassion above security. The illegal immigrant banks on Americans political correctness as their passport to pseudo citizenship. No other nation allows its immigrations laws to be flaunted like the United States whose actions are all hidden from the true reasons, the politics of an ever expanding indebted population.

Assuming White America is as depraved and indifferent as the Obamanista claim then why is there an immigration problem. No guns are held to anyone’s head forcing them to sneak across the border. If America is as draconian as Barak Obama seems to think why would anyone want to live here? The European influence is much older in Hispanic America than it is in North America the question is why haven’t Latinos keep up? Why has this nation the Obamanista believe is so far behind cultural differences so successful the world is beating down the gates to get in and very few if any what to leave?

When I try to discuss these points with my liberal friends I can’t get an intelligent answer. It’s either “Bush did it first” or they change to another subject they know even less about. A discussion with a liberal is like trying to teach a cat to bring the remote for the TV, it’s impossible. The past eighteen months the Obama administration and the 111th have made a total mess of everything this country has been known for. Obama wants to take America head first into socialism while the rest of the world is running away as fast as possible.

The Republican Party is going to have a change change strategy if it expects to win in November. Every vote in the coming election is critical if we are to survive as a free nation among the civilized nations of the world.


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