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August 6, 2010

Lessons In Apologetics #3: Experientialism & Evidentialism

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 06 Aug 2010

The next methodology is experientialism. Though fideism strives to make faith alone the justification for religious knowledge or belief, Geisler observes that this faith is ultimately justified in terms of an experience had by the individual (65).

Israel Over The Moon With Ban-Ki

Israel is to be applauded for its agreement to participate in the Inquiry announced yesterday by UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon into the aborted attempt by a flotilla of six ships to break the naval …

Arizona sheriff targeted by Mexican cartel with $1 million bounty

Filed under: Featured Conservative,Immigration,In The News - 06 Aug 2010

The good news for Arizonians is that Maricopa County — which includes Phoenix — has a tough law enforcement commander to protect them. The bad news is that a Mexican drug cartel has placed a $1 million bounty on Sheriff …