An Ode to Obama

By: Guest Authors

by Diane Donnelly

Why so downcast my poor soul?

The tear on your face has a story I’m told.

I was made with eyes to see,

Don’t want my freedom to be a memory.

Please go now, open wide the gate,

The hour is getting very late.

From you’re radical agenda we yearn to be free,

It isn’t the people’s will you see.

Thousands will come to help gather your things,

As cheerful crowds break out and sing…

Bye, bye Obama.

So long. So long. Farewell.

This nation has seen better days,

Before you dried up the well.

We entrusted you with our estate,

Only to learn our lowly fate.

As you grab our wealth and toss it away,

Scold and threaten when we won’t do as you say.

Has nothing to do with color,

Has nothing to do with race.

Has everything to do with Old Glory,

Our Red, White and Blue.

But you are forever insisting,

It’s only and always ‘bout you.

We’d want you to stay if we thought you loved us,

We’d want you to stay if we thought you cared.

But your words and actions have left us empty,

The look in your eye gives us a scare.

Go now, go now, Potentate,

You must have an important date.

With a union leader, maybe Acorn too,

Or some Black Panther thug you knew.

Take them with you to your new home,

We don’t want you to be alone.

Blame it on Bush, don’t give it a thought,

We’ll pay the fare, whatever the cost.

A first class ticket, a one way flight.

To the land of your choice, any land that you like.

A far away land we think would do,

As long as it has a socialist view.

You’ve shaken our hopes,

Stolen our dreams.

Scattered them across the seas.

Across foreign lands we do not know,

So your seeds of power you can sow.

Our freedom, our liberty is dwindling away.

You’ve made it your footstool so you can say,

I did it. I did it. The great nation that was.

I’ve ravaged and squandered for my just cause.

A New World Order is your claim today,

Just can’t believe the thing’s you say.

A non-stop Babbler of strange ideas,

That draws a lot of angst and jeers.

But your proud look rages on,

And on. And on. And on. And on.

So we live to fight another day.

For our beloved USA.

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