Religious Freedom For Some

By: William P. Frasca

Is religious freedom dead in America? Of course not, definitely, how absurd, maybe, could be, yes! This question has been answered in more ways than one, but why? The great Constitution of the United States of America guarantees us freedom on all our beliefs, from anything to a Supreme Being to a tree. This is definitely our sacred right as citizens of this great Country. The Left, including our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” can spin this anyway they want, but the truth of the matter is, whether they like it or not, this fabulous Country was founded and formed by Judea/Christian values and influences.

Regrettably, certain selected religious viewpoints are offensively being mocked by the hypocritical scared cowards of the Liberal Socialist Marxist Democratic Party, the bought and sold media sellouts, and celebrities that laugh at their own jokes and naturally the ignorant, arrogant and stupid.

These sewer rats of minority scoundrels attack and humiliate without tolerance, sensitivity or compassion. Their plan is plain and simple, which is at all cost, to destroy certain strong established submissive, forgiving religious Judea/Christian denominations, symbols, values and morals that don’t agree with their depraved ideology. They shove this it down our throats forcefully leaving a foul order and after taste. Everyday we hear and see different forms of anti spiritual eliminations and aggressions, which eat away at our reverend convictions. This must stop, enough is enough?

Did you ever notice that some new dollar presidential coin pieces were secretly denied the words, “In God We Trust”? The Government originally blamed it as a mistake, a glitch in the system, or was it? The foundation of all civilized laws, which is the Ten Commandments, disrespectfully removed from public and judicial buildings. Arresting and treating educators, principles and coaches as criminals, whose only crime was to administer a prayer before a game, at a school event, before a meal, or beginning a class? Could this be one of the reasons why our educational institutions are becoming more violently aggressive with unbalanced morality?

The atrocity and arrogance relating to these contemptible so called self proclaimed defenders of the American Constitution, who conveniently hide behind it when it suits their purpose are an abomination. These self determining acts of separating Church and State have been going to the ultimate extreme, splitting hairs with the help, aide and interpretations of the A.C.L.U. Liberal Courts and a corrupt Judicial System.

They have successfully removed precious articles of faith during religious and festive holiday seasons, from public places; targeting Christmas and Hanukah, as their main objectives. While their accepted holidays such as, but not limited to, Kwanza and Ramadan are deceitfully and conveniently; left alone and unnoticed, in the name of tolerance.

This is definitely a reverse prejudice, bigoted characteristic of picking and choosing suitable and allowable forms of worship, according to their prejudicial bigoted standards. This, of course, goes against all principles of the United States Constitution, which is freedom of religion for all. Why are some religious groups and organizations given a free ride and given a free pass by these same spineless, idiots?

They bow down and yield subserviently to a proposed Mosque at our hallowed, revered New York City, World Trade Center, ground zero site, without justification, or analyzing their legitimate motives, research or pertinent investigations into this project, including all potentially issued and donated monetary contributions.

Why does this habitual egotistical gutless self proclaimed demigod and conceited ruler of New York City, Mayor Bloomberg was so quick to defend and accept this request, without protest, as a “necessary convenience” of religious freedom, and sarcastically labeling anyone who opposes this project as Anti-American. He is positively, absolutely ludicrous in his way of narrow minded thinking.

No one is forcing them to convert, to a different religion, torturing, murdering, stopping, halting, prosecuting or denying them their Constitutional right to worship. No one is viciously persecuting them, into non-existence, by justifiably rejecting this outrageous proposal.

This is a matter of respect, dignity and decency. Our heroes don’t deserve to be disgraced, belittled, degraded and humiliated for their humanitarian and ultimate sacrifices, they unselfishly made during this vile period in American history that violated unprovoked helpless innocent civilians, instigated by crazed Muslin fanatical barbarians on September 11, 2001.

Would The Mayor be so quick as to allow any known racially motivated prejudicial religious organization? Known to have aggressions towards blacks, and granting them the same illogical courtesy and tolerance in the name of the First Amendment? Would he then allow their “House of Worship” to be constructed, right next to the headquarters of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, better known as the NAACP?

This would be obviously stopped immediately and rightfully so, because it would disrespect them, and resurrect bad history and blood, which would release a justified anger, rage and fury of protest. Shouldn’t our heroes of 911 deserve the same respect?

Why does the separation of Church and State only seem to stimulate the liberal’s anger and aggression, when it only pertains to Judea/Christianity beliefs? Why do these cowardice liberal donkeys always scorn the Holy Bible and yet glorify the Holy Koran. Aren’t they both equally sacred books of faith to their worshipers? Why are some religions and religious beliefs considered untouchable never treated with any belligerence, always given sincere respect and proclaimed total acceptance with unlimited tolerance, while others are used as whipping posts to all that are egotistical and disrespectful.

No religion or beliefs should be ridiculed, not even the atheists. No one religion should be accepted above all. Are the Socialists Marxist Liberal Democrats trying to form an alliance or are they simply afraid to adversely contradict and ridicule these other spiritual establishments with potential panic and horror of violent retaliation and physical harm? Careful yellow bellies, your true colors are showing right through your ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity.

This is the United States of America, with infinite religious freedoms for all. These individuals are forgetting the fact that we are still in America and everyone has the unquestionable right to worship, reverently, without any provocations or disrespect. Your religious values and viewpoints are yours to acknowledge, which is expressing your faith at anytime or anyplace, public or private.

Yet these perfect self righteous intolerant serpents of spineless idiocy feel compelled to inflict their selected philosophies on each and every one of us by eliminating certain, selected prayer in all public places and schools. Our brilliant forefathers, knew the evils of humanity and had the intelligence to protect our religious freedom rights in the Constitution, intelligently realizing that our basic life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness would be eventually be questioned.

These Socialist Marxist Liberal Progressives have developed a self induced form of amnesia, when it comes to the Constitution, which permits religious freedom. They conveniently forgot that tolerance is not a one way street. Their comprehension proves to be intellectually incapacitated.

God is alive and well in the hearts and souls, for all those who wish to believe. Participate in his love and guidance. Thank him everyday that we live in a Country in which no one has the authority to threaten, dominate or violently take away any of these consecrated values.

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