Wall Street Is Not Main Street

By: Ken Hughes

Your government with the assistance of the Media is once again painting a rosy picture of a disastrous situation. The fact is the rescission is a long way from being over and not much closer to improving. Wall Street may be doing well but Main Street is still in deep trouble. Wall Street deals in commodities not actual goods and services. Yesterdays sound bit determines today’s prices, the product is the personalities of those running the companies not what the companies produce. Main Street must rely on the actual sale of goods and services to survive. When the price of the stock of one of the members of the Wall Street Club rises 10% or more it doesn’t add a single job for anyone. When one of those small companies on Main Street has a 10% raise in sale their immediate reaction is to begin thinking of adding to the work force. Every new job on Main Street adds to the prosperity of the community as well as to the tax base. The only addition the increase in the price of stock adds to are the broker’s bonuses. This recession will deepen or at the very least remain stagnant until the administration recognizes the importance of relief for Main Street America over Corporate America.

The ways to an economic recovery is for the government to stop spending and taxing and allow that money to return to the private sector where it belongs. The mentality in Washington is any money congress doesn’t tax is a gift from them they’re ambivalent about how money is earned and where their money comes from. It’s a shame political correctness takes president in our schools over America government and American history. It’s no wonder young men and women can’t name the capital of even their own state let alone naming all 50 states.. Even President Obama on the campaign trail thought there were only 47/49 states not 50. Someone in the Obama inner circle didn’t know Arizona was a boarder state. These are the morons making serious decisions and it’s pathetic to see this lack on knowledge of people who are making decisions for 320 million citizens.

Main Street also known as the Tea Party Movement is taking back this government one legislator at a time. By the time the election in 2012 roll around the smell of mold [aka longevity] will have been cleaned out of most of the offices and the halls of congress. If the public is diligent in 2013 the nation will start fresh with the American Flag and the Constitution intact. We can only hope the new members of congress will have learned the lesson it doesn’t pay for politicians to exclude the American people from exorcizing a voice in their government.

The founding father made it absolutely clear the government could not exorcize control over the press / media, They had no way of making the press / media control themselves except to rely on each person’s conscience to honor the covenant the first amendment provides, “Freedom of the Press:, Since 1933 when the first tentacles of socialism creped into the governments structure the media has been biased toward the left [aka] liberalism. This bias has many names, political correctness, progressivism, compassion, fairness and many more too numerous to name. None of these names apply, when a government takes one persons rights and property from them to provide comfort for another person, that’s theft not compassion. As the young lady told the congressman it’s the first step toward a new form of slavery.

For a couple of hundred years the public was held captive by an organized group of media moguls who determined what direction each story would take. Then reporters and editors with a few exceptions played follow the leader, the words may have changed the inflections were always the same. Then like the mythical Phoenix the Internet, Talk Radio and Fox Cable News came to challenge the providers of manipulated information. Truth hit the new information highways like NASCAR at Daytona. A new day was here to challenge the old lame journal community, that was over a decade ago and the national media are still at a loss how to play catch up. Main Street America knows now there are alternatives the public has choices what to believe and what to discard, ”Free at last, praise God free at last”.

Barack Obama didn’t do what he promised he would do and that was make the government available to Main Street America. In fact Obama has dug the hole of secrecy even deeper than it had been. Obamanomics has been a shell game from the beginning Obama goes before the public demonizing the Automobile industry then crawls in bed with them for a little love making. The same with banks and other financial institutions, to those naïve enough to believe Obama it looks like he has the public interests at heart when in fact the public are the ones getting hosed. Obama goes before the public with his duel teleprompters properly adjusted, his chin held high and wishes he could tell his audience, “To hell with this work crap I’m going to see each of you gets an unemployment check for as long as I’m president. And if I can manage to get rid of that dammed constitution I’ll be president for life like my buddies the Castro Brothers down there in Cuba.” I have no doubt Obama’s had these thoughts many times since he became president.

Obama is in bed with Wall Street and the other people with big money, he knows nothing of Main Street America nor does he care to learn. Obama is an elitist who has only contempt in the form of a false compassion for the little people. He sees a minimum subsistence as adequate for those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder. What Obama fails to recognize is this is America not Napoleons France or Stalin’s Russia. Obama’s African tribal traditions are beginning to show up in some of his decisions. His ethnic half Nigerians are notoriously the Conn man of the African Content maybe his deceptive nature is hereditary.

Main Street America is slow to respond to unpleasant times. Ask any of its former enemies what the consequences are for arousing the public anger can be? It doesn’t pay to anger Main Street America.

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