Democrats on The Way Out in November

By: Craig Chamberlain

Robert Gibbs, in what might be the only true statement he has ever uttered, said that it is a possibility that the Democrats will lose the House of Representatives in November. We need to go further than that. It’s a strong possibility and about to cross the border into certainty. Consider the following: the economy is in the gutter, the approval of Congress is at historic lows, the Presidents popularity has been falling steadily since he took office, the base of the Democratic party is demoralized by the fact that they haven’t been able to socialize the country yet, and independents(always a vital group) are breaking from the Democrats to join the Republican ranks. That’s a recipe for disaster no matter what party or what election we’re talking about.

With 84 days to go, the Democrats are getting desperate. They are still playing the “Bush did it” card, but no one is buying. President Obama has been in office for almost two years now, and the electorate is no longer willing to dump the blame on his predecessor. The government is his responsibility now. The Democrats, like any party that is about to take a beating, is trying to downplay the polls, they insist that all politics is local, and that while Congress as a whole might be unpopular most people are satisfied with the representation that they have. Right. Ask the GOP how well that argument worked for them in 2006, or how well it worked for them in 1974, or how well it worked for the Democrats in 1966.

Then there is the corruption. Conservatives shouldn’t gloat here. We had our own scandals when the government was in the hands of the Republicans. And we shouldn’t be surprised when a government official is involved in a scandal. As long as there has been politics, as long as there has been politicians, there have been people who have used the mechanism of state power to benefit themselves. So why should we be shocked that Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel acted as if the rules didn’t apply to them. We shouldn’t be shocked, but we should still be outraged, just as the people were outraged by Republican scandals. Waters and Rangel are disgusting hypocrites. Both are advocates of socialism who believe in high taxes and nationalized industries but thought nothing of ignoring their own taxes or using government connections to protect THEIR wealth while they wouldn’t hesitate to damn a businessman who tries to protect his wealth, or thinks his taxes are too high. So, how did that draining of the swamp work out?

The numbers are awful for the Democrats. A breakdown of the Senate races show that the Democrats could lose control of the upper chamber, and that there are more than enough competitive house races(in a normal year you can count all the competitive house races on your fingers and still have digits to spare) to suggest that the house is in play. Corruption, unpopularity, anger over the economy are all spelling doom for the Democrats. There are ten Senate races that the GOP could easily win.

Delaware: Former Governor, and current Congressman, Mike Castle, A GOP moderate, or conservative activist Christine O’ Donnell, are both ahead of the Democratic candidate Chris Coons. It still uncertain who the GOP nominee will be, but this seat looks like it will go to the Republicans.

Pennsylvania: The sweetest words in politics are: Arlen Specter is done. The Democratic nominee is Congressman Joe Sestak, while the GOP nominee is former Congressman Pat Toomey. Polls have this race being very close, and it’s likely that the GOP will score another win in the Keystone state.

Ohio: Senator George Voinovich is retiring. The Democrats will miss him more than the GOP ever will. The GOP nominee is former Congressman, and trade representative, Rob Portman, while the Democratic nominee is Lt. Governor Lee Fisher. The most recent poll had Portman up by seven points. Another good chance for the GOP.

Wisconsin: In a normal election year no one would be talking about a Senate race in Wisconsin. It’s a fairly Democratic state and Senator Feingold has years of experience, and huge name recognition. Yet he is in a dead heat with businessman, and political newcomer, Ron Johnson. A neck and neck race for a powerful incumbent is never a good thing. While there is no guarantee that Feingold will lose he has to be worried about November. It’s not impossible that the Badger state will actually have a GOP Senator.

North Dakota: This one is a no brainer. The minute Senator Byron Dorgan announced his retirement, and Governor John Hoeven announced his candidacy this race was a lock for the GOP, a definite pick up.

Arkansas: Arkansas is normally a Democratic state, but Blanche Lincoln has always been a weak candidate, and in the anti incumbent atmosphere of 2010 that vulnerability really shows. She barely survived a Democratic primary and run off, and is now well behind GOP nominee Congressman John Boozman. This is another GOP pickup.

Nevada: Republicans should be weary about this race. Harry Reid has a knack for survival, and the Republicans didn’t nominate the strongest of candidates in Sharron Angle. Still the anti incumbent tide, and the fact that Harry Reid is now the face of the Senate Democrats give her a real shot despite her weakness as a candidate. This race is going to get really vicious, but that’s to be expected from a thug like Reid. Too close to call, but the GOP still has a shot.

Colorado: Senator Michael Bennet survived a primary challenge from Andrew Romanoff, and will face GOP nominee Ken Buck, a favorite of the tea party. Colorado is a swing state, and it is swinging back to the GOP. That’s not good for Senator Bennet, and could lead to a GOP win in November.

Washington: Dino Rossi got robbed in the 2004 Governors race against Christine Gregoire. Rossi was a ahead when, miracle of miracles, some votes turned up in Seattle, all against Rossi, and tipped the scale against him by just a few hundred votes. Now it looks like Rossi might be getting the last laugh. He is giving Senator Patty Murray a battle, and it looks like she’s going to be sent home.

California: In a normal year no one would put Barbara Boxer and the word vulnerable in the same sentence. Democrats have a huge advantage over Republicans in the state, but as is clearly obvious this is not a normal year. Senator Boxer has found a tough opponent in Carly Fiorina a former Hewlett- Packard CEO. Polls show Boxer with a slight lead, but her approval rating has never been above 50% and in a state like California she should be leading by double digits. Make no mistake about it Boxer is vulnerable, and while she might survive it’s no guarantee.

If the Republicans run the table on these ten races, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they will, they will take the Senate from the Democrats and President Obama’s agenda will be dead in its tracks. Let’s hope November is the end of one party rule in Washington.

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