Federal Law, State Law, People’s Law

By: Ken Hughes

Listening to the Beltway Pundits discussing the coming November elections is a lot like trying to follow the logic of Larry Moe and Curly. The right may be little too optimistic on the number of seats they can win in the house. The left seems to be ambivalent to the number of seats they will lose in the house. The only thing that’s relatively cretin is the left will no longer have a super majority in either the house or the senate after January 2011. And one more certainty is the people will be taking a more active role in national politics than they have in the past One thing is for sure political party loyalty is diminishing at a rapid rate. Republicans are defining themselves as Conservatives. Democrats are calling themselves Progressives even turning away from the Liberal image. The growing segments of voters are Independents who choose not to be affiliated with any political party. The independent voter is someone every candidate is going to have to personally work with, their party affiliations isn’t going to be all that impressive for the independent. In the future independent voters could very well decide elections, chasing special interests and ethnic votes may become counter productive as hunting dodo birds.

Since 9/11 the executive branch and the courts have usurped the duties of congress by creating laws / mandates and executive orders that are not in the best interests of the American people. The executive branch and the courts don’t have the authority to make laws, only congress has that authority. Much of what the Obama administration has done in the past eighteen months has been without the approval of congress or has been slipped out from under congresses door in the dead of night. On several occasions the courts have overturned decisions made by voters or are trying to overturn decisions made by state legislators. The tenth amendment to the constitution prohibits the federal government from interfering in states rights except in very limited cases. Article one, section eight, clause three the commerce clause isn’t broad enough for the courts to expand it to a point it virtually nullifies the rest of the constitution. Today the Supreme Court stands above the constitution and that’s wrong, that’s not what the founding fathers wrote. The Supreme Court was to be an arbitrator not part of the law making process. Every court decision should be referred back to the various legislating bodies for further clarification and not struck down arbitrarily negating the will of the people.

If the constitution were the road map for politicians to follow federal law would be limited, state law would be selective and the people’s law would be predominant. The people are not infallible, that’s when the courts step in and things go back to legislators for reevaluation and rewording. The people have been ignored for too long and now they’re demanding they be allowed back in the process of making laws that make sense to them. With few exceptions elected officials lose their connection to the people when they reach the halls of power be it state or federal. They seem to forget they’re only a bus ride away from Stupid America from where they came. A seat in Washington or one of the State Capitals doesn’t enhance ones intelligence unfortunately it does enhance their arrogance.

State legislators have a tendency to be less arrogant than those on the national level. Perhaps it’s because they’re at the bottom of the political food chain. When a politician finally reaches the towers of power in the nations capital one would think they would try to move their brain from behind their hip pocket to somewhere closer to their heads, some do most don’t. First and foremost congress is sworn to protect citizens from invading armies as well as those from within. Congress has the power to levy reasonable taxation on citizens and commerce, and to maintain domestic tranquility. There are a few other responsibilities congress has jurisdiction over such as immigration and international trade. No amount of revisionist interpretation of the constitution can justify what this government has done to the commerce clause and the tenth amendment. Raping Lady Liberty isn’t nearly strong enough language to describe it.

Not congress nor the president or the courts have the authority to force the public to jump through the hoops that have been set out there in front of the American people. The public went through this power hungry bullying from 1770 to 1776 and again from 1933 to 1945, it didn’t work then and it won’t work now. Every time the Barbarians are about to knock down the gates a special leader steps forward and chases them out of town. Obamanomics is so out of touch with the Americans people there is no way it can survive, how it’s managed to get as far as it has is bewildering. That Knight on the White Horse is just around the corner he / she is coming to chase the Barbarians back into the wilderness where they came from. After the November 2010 elections the darkest days of the Obama administration will be behind us, the preverbal light at the end of the tunnel will shine brightly. Once more America will be the land where perfection is our least desirable ambition, just being ourselves is the predominant goal.

Comment: A dear friend frequently asks me why the right picks on Obama so unmercifully, it’s not picking when one’s reporting the facts. That same friend told me something similar to that when Bush was president and the left was picking on him unmercifully.

When the majority of the people are content then perfection has been achieved even with all the warts showing. I have faith in America and our people to do the right thing and vote us back to a constitutional government. With respect for God and all of mankind…

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