Why Elect Liars To Congress?

By: Ken Hughes

Some say because an honest person wouldn’t put themselves in the position of having their lives exposed where every though and deed is challenged. Every candidate for national office goes into his or her campaign hoping that one embarrassing moment in their past lives will go unnoticed. Both political parties have experts on staff whose job it is to dig through dirt until they find the one moment in an opposing candidate past that can be turned on them and hopefully destroy them forever. Defensive politics more often than not gets in the way of a candidates message. In order to preserve our right to free speech there’s no way to legislate truth into a political campaign. The one way campaigns can be cleaned up is if the public makes it known they are no longer going to except trash campaigning as the norm.

The new way to get truth into a political campaign is through the Tea Party movement as it was in Sheridan Wyoming recently. Bill, Jesse and Myron, three very active local citizens, respectively told the candidates who attended if they weren’t willing to tell the truth and then follow up after elected by keeping their promises this could be their last campaign. This is a message that needs to go out across the country, badmouthing an opponent without something subtenant to follow up isn’t going to win much support for a candidate. The typical reaction will be who cares about Wyoming where Jack Rabbits and Sage Brush out number people one hundred to one. That may be true but Wyoming’s had some impressive firsts, they were the first state to give women the right to vote, it was the first state to encourage women serve in elective office. Any state with that much foresight can’t be ignored. It isn’t going to be the eastern elitists who carry the coming two national elections it will be states like Wyoming Alaska and all the other states populated by Goat Ropers and Hill Billy’s who are too dumb to chew gum and walk at the same time but smart enough to vote.

Just as a foot note it was Philo Farnsworth a farm boy from Rexburg Idaho who invented television. John Browning of Ogden Utah invented much of the military hardware that’s still in use today. J R [Jack] Simplot of Boise Idaho invented the [frozen] french fry and dehydrated potatoes that feed an army and gave McDonalds the biggest boost it ever had. These are the people from the states who will make the difference in the future, citizens who are proud to be Americans and at the same time not be apologetic about their passion.

For years the way political candidates avoid the need for a meaningful platform was to go after their opponent’s reputation even when they had to make things up. As my friend Jessie from Sheridan Wyoming says “Any politician who can’t stand on his or her own two feet should sit down and shut the hell up.” It seems the liberal left are the attack dogs while the right are always on the defensive and voters in the center are filled with confusion and disgust. A classic example of traffic on the disinformation highway was posted on Politico.com this week it said the “Tea Party was running out of money”. The Tea Party is not a party and doesn’t collect money to support candidates, I’m sure they make suggestions but that’s well within the rules of campaigning. The Tea Party consists of large groups [and growing] of political neophytes fed up with both political parties blatant lying and are loosely joined together in a crusade to make a statement that hasn’t been made in years and that is we are the owners of this great nation and elected politicians are only the coachmen. Paraphrasing Larry Gatlin “King George is dead and his house burned down”

It doesn’t matter if it’s Democrats or Republicans our national political system is broken and needs being put back together the way the constitution mandates. Before there were intellectuals there were men and women with common sense. When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock there was no Harvard and no government to tell them were to register for benefits. What they were greeted with were a few Indians and a whole lot of new opportunities. Life wasn’t easy for the first settlers in the new land but they survived and went on to create something that’s been the envy of the world ever since. In spite of and not because of five hundred and thirty five congress men and women a president and vice president and nine Supreme Court justices America still remains the greatest nation on earth. Four years of Barack Obama is nothing more than a bump in the road. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are pot holes that must be filled tamped down repaired and rebuilt before we can get back to a constitutional government.

Contrary to the negative image the left is trying to paint of the Tea Party movement it is the very foundation of this democracy we Americans have grown up enjoying and can thank God for. The reason the left doesn’t understand the Tea Party movements intentions are because the Tea Party doesn’t normally hold meetings at the Presidio San Francisco, The National Mall in Washington and New York’s Central Park. Tea Party gathering are held in city parks in Sheridan Wyoming, Bend Oregon, Vernon Texas, Plymouth Michigan and Bird in Hand Pennsylvania all of the places the politically elite wouldn’t be caught dead at.

Make no mistake the Tea Party’s targets are not just incumbent Democrats but any politician who cherishes their political position and incumbent states over the good of the nation. The times they are a changing.

Information concerning the Tea Party movement is available at the following web site………… with the facts. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tea_Party_movement

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