The Emperor Has Clothes

By: William P. Frasca

Does the Emperor have clothes? His bare appearance of empty headed rhetoric, lies innuendoes and denials, escalates the absolute atmosphere of degenerate non-sense which unfortunately distributes swimwear to a populous left abandoned in a frigid blizzard. His hand picked entourage, together with the bought and sold liberal media and press keeps announcing his greatness, and grandeur, with constant praises of his unmatched intellect and chanting exuberant perfection to his demeanor and appearance.

Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has resurrected the outrageous failed liberal Progressive policies of the past and converted them into a thick chain, wrapped around a block of cement, with an anchor securely fastened; vehemently and continually dropping them into a sea of despair, drowning our hopes, aspirations, expectations and future.

These ideas, programs and initiatives, that are questionably dishonest and are against all logical principled theories of mathematics that were revered in the past, and religiously followed by every sub-standard Progressive Administration is quit appalling, and incomprehensible. Regrettably this Government has not only accepted these ineptitudes but increased them to an abominable level of danger.

Spending money we don’t have to bail out our regressive national economy, doesn’t have the capabilities of ending high unemployment, or offering a home for every family, with a car in every garage, and a chicken in every pot, but it does increase the financial burden to all for generations to come.

This far fetched reality of believing that Mother Goose, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the Tooth Fairy, with the Lone Ranger ridding on his white horse will save the day, as long as we keep on spending, is a childish belief in fertility.

The government cannot use all corrupted means at their disposal, wasting whatever is left of the taxpayers money, continue borrowing, close their eyes, click their heals twice and wish they were all back in Kansas. It just doesn’t happen. No matter how much they try to dice, slice, fritter away and redistribute, the pie, it still won’t be able to feed the unlimited gluttonous hunger of the undeserving non-contributors, and the greedy. It’s like shoveling manure against the tide, the feces and stench always comes right back.

Money, capital or whatever you want to call it must remain in the hands of the consumer, the people, and the taxpayers. Capitalism will always succeed if given a chance, without government control, and Socialistic ideologies. Right now, unfortunately, we the people have placed substandard leadership in Washington D.C. full of individuals who can not see the forest for the tress.

They have no vision, no foresight no pride no dignity, no respect, just a self serving agenda, ready, willing and able to shackle and accuse the most successful form of government known to man and demoralize it’s existence in less than (2) two years. They took the most successful well established, well proven results of Capitalism and converted it into a progressive form of poverty, and government ownership of individuals, by replacing it with an all Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic sacrilege of non-solutions, demeaning all self worth and accomplishments. They unconscionably disregarded our United States Constitution, freedoms and our alienable God Given rights, destroying our economy, ingenuity and foresight.

This so-called Obama recovery is in rapid retreat going in reverse at high speed. It doesn’t make any sense, if individuals are being forced to reduce their purchasing power, such as the lack of employment, reducing job creation, high taxes, closed businesses, limiting human growth and incentives and stymieing imitative and resourcefulness. Then how can we ourselves as American citizens defeat our own ghosts of the past, and defeat this compulsory hostile economic ruination.

The Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats have compounded the problem, with their unorthodox drunk with power behavior, associated with corruption and unlimited inability to curve spending. Common sense and logic is being thrown out into the wind. Simple economics is ignored. If the American people have less or no money to spend on purchasing products, or to meet the simplest forms of survival, then the economy has no alternative but to be diminished into oblivion.

Our free market system, has worked time and time again, throughout our history. The success rate is astronomical especially when government reduced their interference and reduced taxes to every taxpayer, which means that each and every one of us gets to keep all our monetary resources that we worked hard for and earned honestly. This Administration uses everything above and beyond their realm of power and comprehension, to destroy every form of financial expansion and our American way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Yet his own base is giving him an unsatisfactory grade and questioning his motives. This only re-establishes any possible doubt that the present day Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat has a bottomless thirst for power which can never be quenched. Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “ The Chosen One” has initiated and passed more aggressive, rapid non-acceptable, forced Socialist , Laws, Regulations, Policies, Referendums, Czars, Agencies, with a continued list of Progressive ideals in less than (2) two years than any known deficient Administration has within our history.

It is proven by the statements made by his Administration‘s own Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, who sarcastically called the Democratic base as “professional left” His comments also included “I hear these people saying he’s like George Bush. Those people ought to be drug tested, I mean, it’s crazy.” They will be satisfied when we have Canadian healthcare and we’ve eliminated the Pentagon. That’s not reality.”

These truthful words coming out of a “Mouth of Babe” must be taken seriously. Stop, Think and Smell the hideous stench of the camouflaged roses presented by their liberal agenda, “That They Know Best, We’re Stupid” endorsing Socialism as the answer. Their thorns are sharp and pointy and will definitely leave an everlasting scar for years to come.

The time is right for the voting public to use all their powers of legal and legitimate capabilities to change the status quo, and resurrect our great Country back from the bowels of ineptitudes and disgrace. Checks and balance must be restored, reinstated, protected and preserved forever. . This Administration punishes the hard worker and the successful enthusiast by a revolting insensitive reaction of condemning their profits, while creating unnecessary animosity by categorizing and dividing us into the “have and have nots”, instead of uniting us all in one common goal.

President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” doesn’t seem to be suffering or sacrificing; especially with all his time off, vacations and high class expensive outings. He made this comical statement while the unemployment numbers grow and grow, “Michele and I feel your pain”, yea right, pigs do fly? Does he really think the American public is that naive, especially after the well publicized expensive trip Michele Obama made to Spain?

Don’t leave reality, and go into a whimsical world of fantasy. The Emperor and Empress have more luxurious clothes than anyone can imagine, and so does their Royal Appointed Court. It’s the people they rule who are going bare.

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