Conservative Media Has A New Friend

By: Ken Hughes

The mainstream media seems to finally be taking note of some of Obama’s more serious blunders. Is the mainstream media playing catch up or are they looking to survive. Now that nearly sixty percent of the public has moved away from supporting Obama has the mainstream media seen the light or are their pocket books just getting lighter? Now that Fox News is chasing the hounds the tone of most media reporting has changed considerably, even the photographs of Obama are less flattering than before. The mainstream media hounds are hungry for real red meat not tofu burgers where better than the nation’s number one newsmaker?

Not content to sacrifice the traditional lamb or a kid goat to pay homage to Allah for his sins Obama had to sacrifice the White Camel he rode into the Oval Office on. In the past eighteen months Obama has manage to squander one of the most promising presidencies in history. Minorities didn’t elect Obama Americans from every segment of society elected him president based on a promise of cleaning up the political mess in Washington. A promise it turns out is as empty as Obama’s leadership.

Just how much room is there at the top, some of Barack Obama’s favorite quips are his many “Top Priorities” of which at any one time there are a dozen or so? Every bill signing is going to resolve a top priority and bring comfort to a concerned nation even when there was never any concern. Obama is the master at using words to promote his product, there comes a time when words no longer work and it’s time to go to work. Work presents a problem for Obama this is something he’s never done in his entire life. It’s doubtful he ever mowed a lawn or took out the garbage. According to Obama in his book he grew up a physiologically abandoned child raised by his indifferent grandparents while is mother and father pursued their own personal pleasures in far off places. In order to survive Obama learned his con-artistry skills at a tender age. Everything about Barack Obama is an illusion, even his sound bites are orchestrated with duel Teleprompters at hand. The man’s entire life is programmed for him one incident after another. And who’s been more responsible for the Obama illusion than the mainstream media, no one?

A year and a half is little more than a deep breath in the life of a politician. How Obama managed to squander what had promised to be a long and productive career in national politics is still a mystery to many observers. By contrast the public and the media wasn’t nearly as enamored with Bill Clinton in the beginning as they’ve been with Barack Obama, Eighteen years after Clinton first came to the attention of the national media he has become a rock star, eighteen months after taking office Barack Obama is becoming a pariah in the eyes of the mainstream media. Clinton knows when to shed a tear for the cameras Obama will never acquire the skills of humility he’s far too arrogant. For all intense and purposes the media has gone from worshiping the Golden Calf to slaughtering it.

There has only been one time in history when a small group of men came together in one place at one time to create something so special it would last for well over two hundred years and that creation was and is America, land of the free. For the first time man was to be in charge of his government and not his government in charge of him. The founders wrote a constitution that protected man from an oppressive government bureaucracy. They further set some explicate rules guaranteeing mans rights over government excesses. The founders added one more guarantee to protect the people rights over those of the government, a free press. These founders spent their early lives under the thumb of oppressive rule, they wanted better for future generation of the new nation they were about to create. The efforts of those men are now being fiddled away like Rome was supposedly fiddled away by Nero. The press / media is failing the people, it’s joined an evil conspiracy allowing a few to rule over the masses. The last thing in this world most Americans want is to believe there’s a deliberate conspiracy to return Americans to the land of the oppressed. The red flags are up and waving all around us, the people can no longer ignore the fact that a few bad men are at work undermining the very constitution that gives us our freedom.

Religions and their various Deities may be subject to the individuals preferences but one thing is cretin every one deep down knows there is a God and by any name there is but one God. We know he / she is still watching out for the great nation God created. Life on earth is no accident; it has purpose and it’s doubtful that purpose given the incrementals that make up life on earth the purpose is for a few men to have absolute rule over all men. If that were the case there would be no need for a belief in a God.

Most people are bewildered by the actions of a few like Obama and the 111th congress whose actions are a virtual call to arms [figuratively speaking]. The Tea Party movement has taken up the challenge of exposing these men and women who are out to deprive Americans of the hard earned freedoms they’ve enjoyed for so long. With the support of the Internet, Talk Radio and some Cable News Networks and the final realization by some of the mainstream media the direction the government is headed time may have expired. If enough Americans finally become concerned a seventy five year trend toward socialism may be reversed, over two hundred years of freedom may be restored.

Americans are not a perfect people living in a perfect nation nor do we care to be. The truly great thing about America is that the occasional imperfection is tolerated, even ignored. America is one of the few nations on earth that isn’t tribal but rather homogenous. I think that’s what God may have had in mind when he / she created this magnificent continent and stocked it with a verity of the most talented peoples from all over the world.

A trust in God and the right to vote our conscience is our greatest guarantee of freedom. “Extremism is no vice in pursuit of freedom”…….. [Senator Berry Goldwater]


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