Calling AZ: McCain’s Amnesty Would Destroy America’s Borders


ALIPAC is asking the group’s extensive national network of seasoned activists from every state to join a volunteer effort to call thousands of Arizona voters before election day on August 24th to warn them that John McCain’s Amnesty plans will destroy America’s borders and probably the nation.

“John McCain supports a plan to turn 12 million or more illegal aliens into a new voting block and would use this new voting block to influence and destroy any hopes of future border security or immigration enforcement in America,” said William Gheen president of ALIPAC. “We are going to make direct phone contact with Arizona voters to implore them to bring John McCain home from Washington before he can try to pass this plan again.”

John McCain faces a strong challenge from prior Congressman JD Hayworth who has lagged in the polls after facing McCain’s possibly historic expenditure of 20 million dollars in negative advertising. Hayworth has distinguished himself as an opponent of John McCain’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty plan and has vowed he will oppose any path to citizenship for illegal aliens.

ALIPAC volunteers in any state can help to call Arizona voters over the next five days by emailing their names, addresses, and phone numbers to WilliamG@alipac.usVolunteers will receive 50-100 numbers to call in Arizona, a short suggested script that states John McCain’s accurate record on immigration, and easy to follow step by step instructions.

“John McCain is the one man in America that did more than anyone else to elect Barack Obama as president,” said William Gheen. “The national media has widely reported that Obama and McCain are indistinguishable on immigration issues. McCain’s recent flip flop casting himself as tough on illegal immigration is an expensive lie. The nation is counting on Arizona to do the right thing and to fire and retire John McCain on August 24th”

ALIPAC activists have been involved in many campaigns and legislative battles on both the state and national level. These supporters are some of the most knowledgeable concerning McCain’s true allegiances and positions on Amnesty. In 2006 and 2007, ALIPAC played a central role in defeating the McCain Kennedy Amnesty bill in Washington.

ALIPAC activists will be discussing with Arizona voters how their lives will be changed and how little their future votes will matter if the McCain Obama plan is successful in turning half a million or more illegal aliens into citizens and new voters in Arizona. Activists will be alerting Arizona of the billions of dollars this plan will cost taxpayers and the kind of anarchy and violence from Mexico that will likely spread into all American communities. Arizona will be warned about the next wave of ten million illegals that will arrive, due to the borders being destroyed by 12 million illegal aliens that have been made new American voters.

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