The Mosque That Will Never Be Built

By: Ken Hughes

The New York Mosque is just one more Obama generated fantasy created to distract voters from his inept performances over the past year and a half. I doubt Obama though it up but he’s latched on it like a Buzzard on road kill. It’s time we heard a few of the facts. For Islamic fundamentalists ground zero Mosque is the same as an American soldier being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, it’s a Muslims ultimate award of achievement. Mosques have been built over conquered religious sites for thousands of years. It’s time the American people stopped being politically correct and see this for what it is, another conquest by Muslims over the infidels and Obama is a willing to be a party to.

The industrial world is in a war with fourth century BC radicalism whose philosophical approach to life predates Christianity. Al Qaeda and the Taliban have a tribal mentality that perverts the basic elements of civility from their beliefs. Al Qaeda and the Taliban who distort the teaching of Islam are left unchallenged by many Muslims for the same reasons much of the barbarism in the world has always gone unchallenged, it hasn’t gotten that close to the masses yet. The war on terror is a war of propaganda one side uses the tools of modern warfare the other side users clubs and stones and the most effective weapon of all, words. Negatives seem to always raise above positive beliefs therefore the negative becomes the terrorist’s most effective weapon. The terrorists look, live and behave like the Bedwan Tribesmen who fought the Turks for centuries. Now they’re fighting the civilized world, make no mistake even though their purpose and weapons are primitive their strategies are up to date and cunning.

The average citizen living in a Muslim county sees the opulence of their leader and blames’ the west for providing it. Freedom of speech is not allowed in those Muslim countries unless it’s to protest the actions of the west. Sharia Law as interpreted from the Qur’an leaves little room for personal thoughts. Most westerners don’t understand the writings in the Qur’an western interpretations are often as distorted as many who live by the rules in the Qur’an. Western leader like Obama talk of the many accomplishments of the modern Islamic world and yet none are ever produced all the west sees are the atrocities committed in the name of Islam. The west sees the lack of personal freedoms denied women. Through out the Islamic world they see males dominating their society. In the west the slightest infraction against a woman or a minority can send men to sensitivity classes. In the Islamic world there are no infractions, the word sensitivity doesn’t exist.

It’s likely the proposed Mosque at ground zero will never be built for a number of reasons. Ground Zero has meaning for not only New Yorkers and Americans but for everywhere terrorist have attacked and killed civilians. Today Muslims living in western countries live on a thin line of tolerance. American Muslims don’t want the controversy that goes along with poking New York and America in the eye. There’s the question who will build the Mosque. The local trade unions all lost brothers and sister in the after math of the disaster of 9/11. New York’s city workers who issue permits and do the inspections aren’t likely to jump in to expedite their services. Building the Mosque could take years and cost millions more than its developers would be willing to spend, even making a point has its limitations.

Could it be this is one more Liberal distraction orchestrated by the Obamanistas to create a controversy that will turn voters against Republicans who are about to clean house in Washington this coming November? If that was the intent it was one of the biggest mistakes the Obamanistas ever concocted. So far everything the left has accused the right of saying regarding the building of the ground zero Mosque has been an outright lie. It’s the left fanning the flames of controversy not the right. Surprisingly every over the top statement one of the lefts leaders makes is retracted then reconfigured hours later, they can’t seem to keep their ducks lined up.

If we go back to the beginning of Obamas presidency and follow his plan of attack one thing is clear. Before there’s a victim there’s been a villain. Each time Obama needed to stir up sentiment for his proposals he’s created a crises of untold magnitude. Usually allegations of racism are in the forefront or just under the surface. Whether its banks, factories or unions bailouts the Obamanistas have managed to inject racism somewhere in the mix. With challenges to the Arizona law, Oil disaster and now with the New York Mosque incident racism has become the issue. The country went through eight years of Clinton and eight years of Bush and race has never become a major issue at anytime in the past sixteen year, race had remained dormant. From Obamas first campaign speech race became the ladle that stirred the pot. To Obamas credit he’s always been above any racist rhetoric, he leaves that to his subordinates however it’s obvious who the master chef is.

Call me a cynic but I’m convinced the odds against this Mosque ever being built are a million to one. I believe it’s all a political ploy concocted by Obama and his supporters to distract from the lefts poor showing in the national polls. Obama banked on Americans religious tolerance and the rights patriotism to carry the left back in power in November, obviously he thought wrong. Obamas body suffers from some strange addiction that can only be revived by being up there in Air Force One 24/7 his mind however never leaves Washington where he’s still the Knight on the White Camel. It hasn’t dawned on Obama yet just how deep the dodo is around him. Obama and congress may rule 23 months every two years but every other November “WE THE PEOPLE” are the Knights holding court deciding who comes and who goes. There are many things that are unreliable among them are the Politians promise, a broken clock and a voters commitment to a questionable cause or candidate.

Those among us who support the Mosque do so for political reasons, most are anti-religious who would abolish all religions given their choices. It’s hard to be rational about commitment when one has no corp. beliefs


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