All’s Fair in Love and Mosque Building

By: Joseph Harris

To build a mosque or not to build a mosque: that is the question. It seems that now days, just about everyone and their brother is weighing in on the mosque-to-be, two blocks from ground zero. Sympathizers are eagerly invoking the religious freedom privilege this great country affords. I am glad there is religious freedom in America. I would not have it any other way…….though there are plenty who would like to see religious control, such as a certain Muslim element. Many are speaking out on the right of Islam to build a mosque anywhere. As I stated, I am all for religious freedom. And since Islam is the religion under discussion, what say we let Islam be the guide on how to settle this issue.

Certain members of congress, and the Supreme Court, are convinced that international law should be considered when making laws in this country and when determining constitutional issues. In following this lead, I suggest we look at countries where Islam is strong, and follow their example. After all, fair is fair. But then the ugly truth surfaces. The record will reveal that Islam suppresses freedom for other religions. It will reveal that Christians in countries dominated by Islam, are often persecuted, mistreated and looked down upon. Check out for just one among numerous sources. The truth is indisputable. Truth can be accepted or rejected, but it cannot be changed.

Apologists for Islam will point out that most Islamic countries allow Christian churches to exist. True. This one fact still does not change the other fact: that Christians are still often relegated to a position of second class citizenship and have traditionally paid extra taxes for being non-Muslim. It is amazing how some think that one small example of tolerance magically erases the many examples of intolerance. Conclusion: Islam engenders and creates an atmosphere which breeds intolerance and persecution.

So I say, let Islam lead the way with its bright and shining example. And let the construction of the mosque at ground zero begin…………right after the government of Saudi Arabia allows the construction of a building for the First Baptist Church of Mecca.

I’m holding my breath.

Joseph Harris is the Vice President of Southeastern Baptist College in Laurel, MS. The writings of Joseph Harris are based on his beliefs and views and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs and views of Southeastern Baptist College.

About The Author Joseph Harris:
Joseph Harris has been a Bible college professor and pastor since 1987 and his writings have appeared on WorldNetdaily, Sword of the Lord and Land of the Free.

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