Need November like NOW!

By: Michael John McCrae

I wish November would get here soon.

Watching my country crash and burn from a distance is not fun. Reading the daily headlines is trip to the “Twilight Zone” anymore. Oh, I still seek out Rush and Drudge. I like to keep up with the conservative angles against the liberal onslaught. But watching the growth of tyranny; government’s incursions against the ideals of the American Constitution is stressing.

Thank God for being himself. If there is any real comfort to claim, it would be in the arms of my savior. No, not Rush. That would be Jesus.

It has to be difficult these days to be a white, independent, conservative Christian. We are admonished in our scriptures to be tolerant, loving and ready to give an answer to those who ask of the hope of salvation. Well, I do that.

We are asked to turn cheeks, give soft responses and not argue the arguments of vanity and pride. Well, I do that too; most days. But there are those other days when the liberals and the socialists get right in your face; demanding that you agree with their entitlement attitude. Many I know want to help the poor, but at my expense. Others want to see an end to war, but as a retreat and a defeat. They would let radical Islamism rule wherever it wanted, as long as they maintained peace. Well, we’ve tried that and it cost my country a whole lot of blood and treasure.

I understand though. It would be wonderful if radical Islamism would just decide to actually follow the Quran’s admonishments to peace. I know Christians that are not afraid to follow the teachings of Jesus. I don’t know of any place in the Christian Bible where it says we should kill all the infidels. There are plenty of places where Jesus taught we should love our neighbors. It is hard to love someone carrying an AK-47; looking to do you bodily harm.

Now we argue about Islamic mosque placement. There should be no question. You do not place a mosque on the 9/11/2001 radical Islamic attack site. We could do that perhaps on the same day Mecca hosts a Christian Church with a nice big cross adorning its exterior, but that will also be the day that pigs finally sprout winds, China forgives all American debt and Nancy Pelosi takes back all the evil insults splayed at Former President George Bush!
It is good to see the Obama’s enjoying life as the nation’s first family. I read today that they are going on their sixth holiday this year. This is another reason to hope for November. Perhaps if the Republicans can retake control of the Congress, they’ll be able to keep Obama closer to actual work in Washington, D.C.

America is the only country I know where teachers can score a full year’s salary for 180 or fewer day of actual work. Of course, our Congress scores as much as three times the average working American for even fewer days of actual work. Heck! Obama scored a presidency with only 143 accumulated Senate working days over a two year period before hitting the campaign trail. He still drew a congressional salary without working one minute in the halls of Congress. Now, he scores six vacations in one year! I suppose it can get to be a habit not having to work yet still collect a paycheck.

I see the media is having conniptions over the latest poll showing 24 or 25 percent of respondents believe Obama is a Muslim. Well, just because his daddy was a Muslim doesn’t mean he’s a Muslim (except in the eyes of just about every Muslim). Obama now strenuously declares his “Christianity”. I now assume all his former Muslim admirers have changed their stripes; becoming ardent enemies. Thank God for NASA’s Muslim outreach program!

It is good to see the Obama administration reassuring Israel that a “nuclear Iran is not imminent”. Oh! It’s going to happen. It just won’t happen tomorrow. We can all breathe a tremendous sigh of relief until Israel is blown to hell and American skyscrapers again crumble; this time into piles of radioactive dust.

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