Eggs In Many Baskets: ALIPAC Launches New Wave of Endorsements


As primaries wrap up in several states today, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is launching a new wave of 21 endorsements in federal races where there is a clear decision for voters between immigration enforcement vs. Amnesty.

ALIPAC intends to endorse more candidates than ever in 2010 and to provide more support for those candidates.

“Illegal immigration is a top issue in the minds of voters and it relates to many other issues such as taxation, crime, terrorism, jobs, education, and the economy,” said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. “We are looking for candidates who want our existing border and immigration laws enforced instead of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty that would make millions of illegals new voters and thus destroy the borders of America.”

ALIPAC launched candidate support operations early this year in expectation of a rising political revolution in America. Endorsing many of the incumbents who have been endorsed by ALIPAC in prior election cycles, more challengers are joining the list.

ALIPAC looks at candidate surveys, the voting records of incumbents, media reports, and reports from supporters in the districts to decide which candidates to endorse.

The goal of ALIPAC is to endorse, recommend, and support federal candidates who most accurately represent the approximately 80% percent of voters who support immigration enforcement instead of Obama’s executive order or legislative Amnesties.

ALIPAC’s candidate endorsement will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people online and the group will encourage national supporters to both volunteer and contribute directly to these endorsed candidates.

“We have spent the last six years building a strong support base of dedicated Americans who are ready to take action in the 2010 elections,” said William Gheen. “Our supporters will be working hard to support our small army of candidates.”

ALIPAC’s 2010 Candidate Survey can be accessed via the homepage at www.alipac.usThe survey includes questions asking candidates if they support Arizona’s new law SB 1070, if they oppose Obama’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan, and if they will use their power to assure that the president begins to enforce our existing laws and the Constitution.

Today, ALIPAC is pleased to announce endorsement for 20 new candidates who are being added to the main endorsement list where you can view all ALIPAC endorsements, incumbent records on immigration, and candidate surveys at…

ALIPAC’s 2010 Federal Campaign Endorsements

The 21 new candidates endorsed today include, Congressman Kenny Marchant of TX District 24, Mo Brooks (AL-5), Paul Smith (CA-5), Gary Clift (CA-10), Dave Chapman (CA-14), Mark Reed (CA-27), Michael Crimmins (CA-53), Isaac Hayes (IL-2), Teri Davis Newman (IL-12), John Kupiec (MI-5), Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski (MI-9), Robyn Hamlin (MO-1), Anna Little (NJ-6), William ‘BJ’ Lawson (NC-4), Tom Marino (PA-10), Bob Gibbs (OH-18, David Hall (TN-5), John Faulk (TX-18, Donna Campbell (TX-25), Bryan Underwood (TX-28, and John Koster (WA-2).

For more information, to schedule interviews, or to complete a candidate survey, please visit

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