Imam Obama, Imam Rauf and the “Islamification” of America

By: Michael John McCrae

As Jimmy Carter goes to North Korea to further undermine America in the eyes of communist dictators. The Obamas are buying shrimp and enjoying the company of American communists and socialists on the home front. Vice President Biden says America is going in the “right direction”. I feel so much better.

As Rod Bogoyavich smiles and waves to crowds of admirers living behind penitentiary walls in Illinois. Our anti-American, anti-freedom 9/11 mosque promoter practices his inalienable right to call for the Islamification of America; declaring his inspiration (and Obama’s plagiarism) for the equally anti-American Cairo speech by the elected, non-American, half-Kenyan, Muslim turned Christian; turning golf-pro.

And in case you are wondering where Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is these days; according to CBS News web site: “Rauf is on a Middle East tour funded by the U.S. State Department.” (This is a load of horse manure as we all know our taxpayer dimes are paying for that particular portion of Obama’s Muslim outreach program!)

Chuck Morse, writing for World Net Daily had this to say in his 26 August 2010 article entitled: “Imam Rauf’s gradualist Islam”: “Feisal Abdul Rauf represents the Sufi gradualist approach to world conquest with America as the prime target. WorldNetDaily quotes Rauf’s book, “What’s Right with Islam is What’s Right with America,” where he calls for “a subsidiary entity within the judiciary” that would adjudicate in America on matters of compliance with Shariah law. Rauf explains that such an entity would “provide the United States with a moral rudder and guidance to ensure that its policies are in keeping with religious ethical values.” He goes on to write that “Muslims have to uphold the Law, to make the Law dwell among us” and that Muslims are commanded to “shape history.” He writes that Muslims must “redeem history, to integrate temporal righteousness in the world. … To Muslims, this is what is meant by building the kingdom of heaven on earth, and this is their aspiration for America.”

The relationship between President Obama and this Imam Rauf, now representing the American State Department during a Middle East tour should not be ignored. The only people swearing on bibles these days concerning Obama’s supposed Christianity are liberal socialists who never met a Christian they otherwise liked. The fact that Islam considers Obama Muslim by birth puts him in the same bunk with millions of America’s enemies. President Obama is being much too complacent with that.

My opinion, based in this relationship, is that just as with this gradual shift away from personal liberty and freedom Obama is perpetrating on America’s non-elite; so too will become this gradual shift from religious freedom for all to law patterned by Islamic mandate. As Muslims have forced juristic compromise in Canada, England, France, Denmark and elsewhere to accommodate some of the mandates of Shariah law, these battles will be fought in America. The Florida driver’s license dispute and the latest dispute over Islamic head covers at Disney World and now this Ground Zero Mosque dispute are just the tiniest tip of the Islamic iceberg. There have been a couple of recent, well documented Islamic “honor killings” in America, nor should we forget the killings perpetrated at Fort Hood, Texas accompanied by shouts of “Allahu Akbar!”

Islam cannot help itself. The case has been made that Christianity has been “Americanized” and there are “Americanized” Jews and that may be true. But Islam is a religion that grows through absorption. Islam does not want “Americanization”. Islam demands the Islamification of America and any infidel who refuses is not embraced; he is killed. Just look at what has been happening in all the countries cited above. The more America compromises with Islam, the more likely the events occurring in Europe and Canada will spread to American streets.

In Aaron Klein’s book “The Manchurian President”, the author speaks of President Obama’s mentors. One of these was William Ayers, who was a domestic terrorist leader of the “Weather Underground” and the (supposed) ghost writer of Obama’s autobiographies. Both Ayers and Obama were greatly influenced in their personal socialist penchants by a fellow named Saul Alinsky (Author: Rules for Radicals) who believed change (meaning towards the goals of communism) could better be sought from “within” the system. President Obama is the ultimate insider.

Yeah! Just something to think about.

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