Congress Please Read The Constitution

By: Ken Hughes

I wonder if any who run for congress have ever studied the first seven articles in the constitution aside from those often selected amendments politician love to quote or miss-quote as is often the case. Article one section eight paragraph three is possibly the most misinterpreted, misused and least understood of all that’s written in the constitution. This paragraph is commonly referred to as the “Commerce Clause“ it gives congress the right to regulate trade between the states Indian tribes and other nations. With the blessing of the Supreme Court that now means anything that has any assumed value attached. The court’s interpretation of those sixteen words has changed the entire direction of a nation and not necessarily for the better. There was divine guidance controlling the pen that wrote the constitution. The constitution contains wisdom beyond mans comprehension. It is one of those documents a person writes then looks at and wonders where those inspirational words came from.

By the grace of God and the wisdom of the voters the next national elections of 2010 and 2012 will change congress for the better and then the new congress will rewrite much of the illegal legislation passed by the 111th congress and signed by President Obama. It’s idealistic to hope a new Congress will put the brakes on the ability of any in government to circumvent the constitution ever again, however we can hope. No decision by the Supreme Court or any court could become a law without first going back to congress to be rewritten. There would be no more Roe v Wade decisions presumed to be law when they’re not. The tenth amendment takes president over the commerce clause and guarantees the people a voice in the governing process. Every person with an opinion who’s questioned how others have the right to tell congress how to run the country needs to learn the following. “The answer of course is the constitution” it gives every citizen the right to express any opinion they like. When any law becomes too complex for the average person to understand then that law needs to be rewritten as many times as necessary until it can be understood.

As a citizen of the great country there are some things the way congress operates I would like to see changed….. First I would like to see a limit of 12 years for anyone serving in either or a combination of both houses of congress. When this has been proposed before it’s been called unconstitutional, the twenty-second amendment authorizes term limits…… Every person who runs for congress does so making promises of things they intend to change. If they can’t accomplish them in twelve years they should go home and lick their wounds. If they do accomplish what they set out to do they should go home and pat themselves on the back for the rest of their lives and not allow their accomplishments be wiped out by future bad decisions.

One or two good ideas never last a lifetime, conditions change but politicians seldom do. The longer a politician’s in Washington and away from their constituency the more detached from the real world they become. We heard congress person after congress person admit the didn’t have a clue what was in the Obama care bill and many had no intention of reading it, those who did read the thousand page plus bill were chastised for not going along with the crowd. Nancy Pelosi the Leader of the House said it was imperative these bills be passed so congress could learn what was in them …… No bill should ever be past by either house the members can’t attest to having read and understood…… No bill should ever have more than six amendments attached and all should be in reference to the contents of the bill……Every special request by congress especially those for funding requests should be submitted in a separate bills treated as ligitimengt legislation…… If a few of these suggestions were implemented the money congress wastes would be reduced by billions…… If congress were required to format and explain in layman’s language the public good for every dollar they spent of frivolous feel good / make work programs most of the programs would soon be seen flying off into the sunset looking for new homes.

“We the People” should share the blame for the conditions that exists with todays lagging economy. As supposedly responsible voters we can’t blame it all on Obama and congress, we elected them…… There was every indication prior to the election Obama was inclined to follow a path to socialism. It was also clear a Democratic congress would march in lockstep with a Democratic president even when they didn’t understand his ultimate goals. The average congress person’s thoughts seldom wonder far from their next election.

How a Utopian America can be created and still maintain our independence at home and abroad is a question for the next congress…… First we can stop trying to influence the world to think and act the way America does, we should let the countries of the world stand on their own feet and if they fail they should try again and again until they can. In other words gain independence the original Americans way fight for it……The government should be limited to those things stated in the constitution such as security, maintaining the inter-structure and trade, leave the common good to the states and the people……The American people must be weaned off the belief the government is their provider, the government can only give what they take, and as the giving expands there are fewer to take form. There’s a growing awareness of the deception the government’s been perpetrating against the producers in this country for the past seventy five years. The times are changing as the pocket picking moves further down the economic ladder.

It seems at one time there was some purpose behind Obama’s attempts to vilify those who have means. It’s as if he believes everything belongs to the government [i.e.] the master and those who work and earn are little more than sharecroppers. Obama personally has no kinship to slavery but it seems he’s doing all he can to enslave white men the way blacks were enslaved over a century and a half ago. I would point out to the Obamas of the world it wasn’t black, brown or yellow that’s been the master creators throughout history it’s been predominantly the white men whose accomplished most of what we now take for granted. That’s not racist it’s a fact, live with it.

My hats off to Dr. Laura Schlessinger for giving up a lucrative radio career to be free to exorcize her fourth amendment rights as is her right. Pandering to minorities is perhaps the most expensive pursuit the government is involved in these days. With due diligence that can come to an end when the November votes are counted.


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