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August 27, 2010

Fiscal Sanity: The Case From the Heart

Filed under: Featured Conservative,History,In The News - 27 Aug 2010

Glenn Beck, appearing on a recent O’Reilly Factor, brought out new Tea Party poster boy Calvin Coolidge for a quick tribute. Our 30th president (1923-29) usually ranks with Millard Fillmore and Zachary Taylor in name recognition and barely above …

August 26, 2010

America’s First Madrassah

Filed under: In The News - 26 Aug 2010

Islam has been in America a very long time, but only entered the mass American consciousness in the last decade with the attacks of September 11, 2001. Those attacks, were not the attacks of a few misguided fanatics, but was …

Illegal alien “visa overstays” escape detection

Filed under: Crime and Punishment,Immigration - 26 Aug 2010

Each year, millions of visitors, foreign students, and immigrants come to the United States. Foreign visitors may enter on a legal temporary basis — that is, with an authorized period of admission that expires on a specific date — either …

Black Conservative Supports Glenn Beck Rally

Alleged civil rights leaders including Rev. Al Sharpton and NAACP, President Benjamin Jealous are having a cow because Glenn Beck had the audacity to schedule his “Restoring Honor” rally August 28th on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. It is …

August 25, 2010

Summer Hedonism

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 25 Aug 2010

By: John Zmirak

As summer lurches to an end, the hallucinatory carnival that is America continues to spin like a carousel set to “liquefy”:

-Pro-terrorist Muslims plan an end-zone dance at NYC’s Ground Zero in the form of a towering victory mosque …

Lessons In Apologetics #4: Pragmaticism & Combinationalism

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 25 Aug 2010

The next theory of truth and religious knowledge is pragmatism. Developed initially by Charles Sander Pierce and expanded by William James, pragmatism is the theory that truth is not determined by what one thinks, feels, or discovers but rather …

Whose Responsibility is It?

Having spent time describing the three unalienable rights of life, liberty and property upon which our Republic was founded and from which all others flow it is necessary to speak of the natural responsibilities which form their inverse image. …

The Incongruent Relationship between Settled Law and the Constitution

The Sketch Effect

An artist sketches a young subject. During the session, the artist engages in conversation with the subject, observes the subject’s mannerisms, and develops a sense of the subject’s personality and characteristics. The finished work not only encompasses …

August 24, 2010

Will McCain dupe Arizona Republicans today?

Filed under: Elections & Voting - 24 Aug 2010

Arizona Senator John McCain is enjoying a comfortable lead over his primary opponent J.D. Hayworth, who garnered the support of the Tea Party movement and most conservative organizations.

Black Conservative Campaigns in Alaska for Joe Miller

Filed under: Elections & Voting - 24 Aug 2010

Tea Party Express asked me to join them in Alaska to assist in their final push for conservative Joe Miller for U.S. Senate. I sang and spoke at rallies in Wasilla, Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska.

All’s Fair in Love and Mosque Building

Filed under: In The News,Politically Incorrect Reality - 24 Aug 2010

To build a mosque or not to build a mosque: that is the question. It seems that now days, just about everyone and their brother is weighing in on the mosque-to-be, two blocks from ground zero. Sympathizers …

Rise up! We’re restoring honor

America will not survive the political and social trials that are to come if we are not engaged in the fight to protect our Judeo-Christian beliefs and our American way of life. We do not want to become a socialist …

Need November like NOW!

I wish November would get here soon.

Watching my country crash and burn from a distance is not fun. Reading the daily headlines is trip to the “Twilight Zone” anymore. Oh, I still seek out Rush and Drudge. I like to …

August 23, 2010

The Mosque That Will Never Be Built

Filed under: In The News - 23 Aug 2010

The New York Mosque is just one more Obama generated fantasy created to distract voters from his inept performances over the past year and a half. I doubt Obama though it up but he’s latched on it like a Buzzard …

Calling AZ: McCain’s Amnesty Would Destroy America’s Borders

Filed under: Elections & Voting,Immigration - 23 Aug 2010

ALIPAC is asking the group’s extensive national network of seasoned activists from every state to join a volunteer effort to call thousands of Arizona voters before election day on August 24th to warn them that John McCain’s Amnesty plans will …

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