December 3rd 2010 “National Blame Bush Day”

By: Ken Hughes

As a citizen of these United States I am officially designating December 3rd 2010 as Blame Bush Day. The reason I chose December 3rd is to give Democrats a chance to file for recounts and then lick their wounds after losing their majority in congress by the largest margins in election history. The Blame Bush Day will give them inspiration to go back to the drawing board and plan how they can make their losses Bush’s fault. For the past ten years Blame Bush has been the fuel that’s powered the Democratic machine. When there’s no more fuel left to draw from some just can’t give up. I can’t imagine why Congressional Democrats wouldn’t be willing to go along with a Blame Bush Day, you’d think after ten years of ridicule they would owe him at least one day of gratitude.

Its doubtful George Bush cares one way or the other what Democrats think of him and his former administration. History will be the judge how good or how bad things were during the Bush years not today’s politicians. One of the admirable things George Bush has done as a former president he’s disappeared from the lime light leaving presidential matters to the current president. Former Democratic presidents can’t seem to manage to stay out of the affairs of government. For some reason they can’t just fade away like General McArthur’s old soldier. Former President Bill Clinton with his toe in the sand persona has managed to keep his image as president alive for years with no end in sight. Jimmy Carter is even more despicable when he runs all over the world sucking up to the despots of the world, some of Jimmy Carters actions actually boarder on treason. God invented golf carts so former president would stay the hell out of the politics.

Of Thomas Jefferson’s many quotes the following may be the most inspiring of all, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” This country is rapidly reaching a point where the government could care less what the people think. That was never the case when George Bush was president unlike his predecessors, Carter and Clinton George Bush let the pundits and the media speak for him perhaps to his regret. Barack Obama seems to be out front with comments before comments are called for, many times to his regret. Traditionally presidents stay out o the nitpicking politics of the day, most have always done their best to say neutral in petty personal issues. George Bush was often faulted for not taking a stand on frivolous issues confronting congress and the judiciary, George Bush understood congress and the courts were separate but equal within the confines of the constitution. George Bush expected both congress and the courts would do their jobs as mandated in the first seven articles of the constitution. He saw no need to look over the shoulders and hold the hands of supposedly grown men and women.

The last time blaming a former president had been used to the extent Blaming Bush was when FDR [Roosevelt] blamed Herbert Hoover for the great depression of the 1930’s. There are now 535 congress persons and 308 million citizens every bit as responsible as the president for the direction the country takes, that includes Barack Obama. The president and congress are responsible for the debt the government is piling up, which applies to George Bush as well as Barack Obama. Ross Perot campaigned for president on a platform 25% of all government spending is wasted that’s probably a conservative figure. Money flows through the treasury like water over Niagara Falls. It’s up to Washington bureaucrats to direct the flow of money to the proper places and should there be a surpluses you can bet not a drop / dime will be returned to Tax Payer Lake from where it came. This has been the case for the past seventy five years.

What were George Bush’s crimes?

For eight years the country heard Bill Clinton and his fellow Democratic Congressmen berating Iraq for possessing weapons of mass destruction and fearing were prepared to use them, After much soul searching and seventeen U N resolutions demanding Saddam Hussein comply, with a majority approval of congress the United States and an international coalition Iraq was invaded and its murderous government was disposed of. These actions by George Bush only became a crime after the fact when the threat had been removed and the Iraqi people were saved.

There was the Katrina incident when the federal government supposedly didn’t move fast enough to save the people of New Orleans. Federal assistance sat idle at Baton Rouge on the banks of the Mississippi River for weeks waiting for a call from Louisiana’s Governor and the Mayor of New Orleans requesting assistance. That was one of the few times anyone paid attention to the tenth amendment. Knowing hurricanes are destructive had the citizens of New Orleans been prepared in advance they could have evacuated thousands by utilizing school buses and city buses rather than have them sit idle and get flooded. To just sit and wait for help was foolhardy to say the least. There had been several days of warning prior to the hurricane coming ashore. One of those warnings came from George Bush directly.

The attacks on George Bush had little to do with him personally he became the target of the left. The halls of congress have become a battleground, not of ideas but of personalities. Incumbent congress persons of both parties who lack both ideas and courage must find a target to vent their venomous rhetoric. More often than not that bull’s-eye at the center of the target is the president. Obama is beginning to be hammered by both sides as his policies they [congress] put in motion are beginning to fail. It seems to be an unnatural order of things in national politics.

For as dumb as George Bush was portrayed he knew several truths and the most important was money kept out of the hands of congress can be reinvested and create permanent jobs. Monies sent to Washington only fuel the fires of discontent. Congressional egos are feed with taxpayers dollars.

This article is dedicated to Michelle Kay Malsbury, author, columnist and Bush / Palin hater

Every vote will count this November. It’s up to the voters to make them count for real hope and change not just the words.


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