Obama: Narcissist In Chief

By: Michael John McCrae

Our foreign-born-but-elected-usurper-in-chief was interviewed by Brian Williams of NBC “Nightly News” the other evening. I only mention that because I understand NBC has been tanking in the ratings and not many folks trust the NBC/ABC/CBS cabal anymore. In fact, the ratings for what used to be the big three are looking more like Obama opinion polls every day.

But during the interview Mr. Obama said a couple of interesting things. For instance, he is quoted: “I can’t spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead,” he added. “The facts are the facts.” And that is so true. First, who would want to see the American President walking around all day with a piece of paper stuck to his head right below his perpetual “Dunce” cap? “Facts are Facts” and they are scary things indeed. It is a fact that Obama refuses to show his actual birth certificate, his school records, his passport records, his selective service records, his college transcripts or any other documentation that might actually tell us who he really is and which country he is actually working for. The only peek we have into the life of this highly liberal politician is through two autobiographies the domestic terrorist and anti-American William Ayers (supposedly) wrote for him.

Quoting an article found on “msnbc.com”: “For example, Obama said he did not watch any of Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally Saturday on the National Mall.” And I would expect that from someone wishing to claim ignorance to the demands of America’s conservative community. I would expect the nation’s Liberal-In-Chief to ignore the voices of nearly a half-million concerned individuals calling for government to end its ceaseless attempts to suppress the personal liberties granted by God Almighty and guaranteed by the American Constitution. I would expect any rally labeled “Restoring Honor” to be eschewed by a narcissist who does not understand the meaning of “Honor”.

Proof in point; his giving this interview while on a photo-op safari in New Orleans, Louisiana; on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s assault on that city. He needed to assure all Americans of his dedication to righting the wrongs of Former President George Bush. He was keeping himself out of the fray in Washington while approving his Education Secretary’s decision to “Urge” [his] “staff: Go to Sharpton Rally” (from drudgereport.com).

Far be it that Obama or his Education Secretary might recommend their staff attending a rally for “Restoring Honor”. Better to attend a counter rally extolling the virtues of “community organizing”, “race baiting”, lies and extortion; things the good Reverend Al Sharpton has been so familiar with during his criminal tenure as faux-head of all things “black” in America. I offer as outline a WorldNet Daily article by Larry Elder, entitled: “Newsweek whitewashes Al Sharpton”.

The web site “Politico” also reported on Obama’s chuckle-filled interview with Brian Williams. Glenn Thrush reports in his article entitled: “Obama blasts lies; disinformation”: “Obama doubled down on his support for a mosque and community center planned for a site two blocks north of ground zero in lower Manhattan – and denied reports that he tried to back away from backing the controversial project.” Which is a good thing as this simply reinforces the impression that our sitting President is more inclined to appreciate Muslims over the national Christian community. After all he suspended the National Day of Prayer activities this year so as to not offend Muslims. Then conducted a Ramadan soiree at the White House complete with an appeasement speech that would have made any Radical Islamist proud!

As it turned out the entire interview was more “lies and disinformation” from the lips of Barack Hussein Obama! Brian Williams proved himself a flak for the administration; allowing Obama to laugh off any proof of actual birthplace and challenges concerning his religion. For instance, when Obama made his “forehead” crack Brian Williams could have asked the simple follow-up question: “Why don’t you just show the document and shut every one up?” But, Williams knows Obama doesn’t have the required documentation or it would have immediately surfaced to erase all doubt.

So the only things “transparent” about Obama and his administration are his several, highly publicized vacations, his penchant for redistribution of wealth, his destruction of the American Constitution, his inability to construct a meaningful dialog without Axelrod working his teleprompter and his disdain for anything Christian or conservative. He does love himself however.

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