Federal Candidates in six states join call to oppose Amnesty


ALIPAC is endorsing a new round of Federal candidates who have indicated they oppose President Obama’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty plans and favor enforcing America’s existing immigration and border laws instead, which is expected to generate a continued exodus of illegal aliens out of America.

Today ALIPAC is endorsing US Senate Candidate Davis Westlake of Wisconsin, and Congressional candidates who include Sandy Adams of Florida, Delia Lopez of Oregon, Lee Byberg of Minnesota, Ted Danz of New York, and Mike Crane in Georgia!

“We have a real political revolution on our hands involving the illegal immigration issue in America,” said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. “We are seeing more candidates openly line up against the push for Amnesty in DC than ever before and we applaud these brave Americans for standing with the American public against Amnesty.”

Today ALIPAC is endorsing Republican US Senate Candidate Dave Westlake who is running in the GOP Primary in Wisconsin to be decided September 13. Westlake has indicated he will oppose Obama’s Amnesty for illegal aliens and will use the full power of his office to restore the Rule of Law in America.

ALIPAC believes that Dave Westlake is the best candidate to defeat incumbent Senator Russ Feingold who supports mass Amnesty for illegal aliens through Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Feingold also has an F- grade on immigration issues through NumbersUSA due to his support for unnecessary worker visas, benefits for illegal aliens, and reduced border security.

ALIPAC is also endorsing Sandy Adams for Congress in Florida’s 24th District. Adams narrowly defeated Karen Diebel in the GOP Primary. Both Adams and Diebel have signed ALIPAC’s pledge to reign in Obama’s executive order Amnesty plan.

ALIPAC is also endorsing Delia Lopez Oregon’s District 3 who is running against illegal alien Amnesty supporter Earl Blumenauer.

Lee Byberg is a Republican challenger facing Democratic incumbent Collin Peterson in Minnesota’s 7th District. Peterson has a D grade at NumbersUSA and his campaign website avoids the topic of immigration, likely due to his support for Amnesty. Lee Byberg is a better choice for Congress because he has signed ALIPAC’s pledge to oppose Amnesty and his campaign website says he will secure our borders and “support legislation that will rid us of illegal aliens through attrition”.

ALIPAC is endorsing Ted Danz a Republican Challenger in New York’s 21st District for his opposition to Amnesty, his inclusion of his immigration positions on his website, and his promise to use the power of Congress to compel President Obama to secure our borders. Danz is running against incumbent Democrat Paul Tonko who has an F- score at NumbersUSA due to his support for Comprehensive Amnesty for illegal aliens. While Danz proudly displays his support for immigration enforcement, Tonko is concealing his pro-Amnesty immigration stances by giving them no mention on his campaign website.

ALIPAC is endorsing Mike Crane for Congress in Georgia’s 13th District. Crane won a crowded GOP Primary to face David Scott who has has a D grade at NumbersUSA for his support of Amnesty for illegals. Immigration is not mentioned on Scott’s website, yet Mike Crane’s campaign website has a detailed explanation of his plan to crack down on illegal immigration. Mike Crane was the only candidate in the race for Georgia’s 13th district to fill out ALIPAC’s candidate survey and sign the pledge. ALIPAC is pleased to see the candidate with clearest views on immigration winning the primary and mounting a strong challenge against an incumbent.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, founded 9/11/2004, is the nation’s largest political action committee endorsing candidates opposed to Comprehensive Amnesty. These six new endorsements bring ALIPAC’s total endorsements up to 132. ALIPAC’s goal is to channel as many votes, volunteers, and contributions behind this army of candidates.

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