Republicans Win Back Congress Then What?

By: Ken Hughes

It’s almost a given Republicans will win back the House and possibly the Senate this November. Then what, will they manage things the way congresses have for the past twenty five years or will they grow up and start acting like adults for a change? If the right does win congress back it will be because of the Tea Parties commitment to conservative principles. A number of long serving congress persons from both the right and the left lost primaries due totally to past performance that ran contrary to public interests. There’s little question the public will be stepping up to the plate in coming elections to make sure their interests and not those of political parties are being served. The days of Washington D C being Clown City USA may be over. The 112th Congress that begins in January 2011 will be expected to undue much of the harm the 110th and 111th excessively liberal congress has done. If it’s congress as usual America may be in for a political bloodless revolution in the near future the likes that hasn’t been seen in decades

For the first time in years there will be enough freshman congress persons who collectively will have a voice, they can overcome the old taboo of seniority rule. Congress was always intended to be one person one vote without intimidation and corrosion. Bill Clinton was hounded by a special prosecutor for a number of indiscretions none of which had anything to do with his being president. A lie a day hounded George Bush throughout his presidency. In both cases it was the opposition and the media fanning the flames of discontent. None of the allegation against Clinton or Bush had much to do with their duties as president instead it was nothing more than character assassination. To the contrary the criticism of Barack Obama and the current congress has everything to do with their inability to lead the country, for once in a long time criticism of the establishment is justified. Criticism alone isn’t going to change anything, changes will come at the ballot box and only then if the majority of the people understand the need for responsible changes in both parties of congress.

Politics is like music, there are those who play magnificently, there’re others who just beat the hell out of their interments and make noise. It seems now the country has more noise makers than it has gifted politicians. Party affiliations aside there are many congress persons who’ve been there too long to claim they represent the people’s interests over their own and their party. When a congress person hasn’t achieved his / her goals in twelve years they’ve become dupes of their party and no longer deserve public support. There comes a point when getting reelected is a congress person’s only goal to look forward to everything else is just a rubber stamp of party politics.

That was then this is now. The Tea Party movement is a light bulb going on over national elective process. For those who don’t get it I suggest you sit on the sidelines and let those who do get up to bat. In the coming elections of 2010 and again in 2012 everything about national elections is about to change and anyone who doubts this is going to be left in the dust of a massive new political bloodless revolution, “I continually point out bloodless revolution so the left won’t have ammunition to fire back at the many separate but equal Tea Party movements across the country.” Tea Parties are groups of nonviolent citizens expressing their concerns.

The left has an ongoing claim the right has no ideas and that’s simply not true, when the right tries to express an idea the mainstream media won’t publish it leaving it up to the internet to get their message out. Talk Radio and Fox Cable TV are also doing an excellent job backing up the right and getting the message out but these are new phenomena’s the public is just now reaching out to obtain their information form. In the past two decades talk radio has gone from a pariah praying on public stupidity to a valid source of information. In less than a decade Fox News has climbed the ladder of ratings passing all the mainstream networks who’d gone before to become the largest most trusted news source in the country. Again according to the left and their mainstream media support system these new comers’ successes are temporary and when Obamanomics and Obamacare sink in the public will become enlightened to the facts of Obama’s New America and fall in lock step behind the president, or maybe not. It’s beginning to look like [not] is the pejorative word

If Republicans are going to win and govern as the people want, they’re going to have to avoid the old propensity for trash politics. When Bush took office he forbid his people from digging in the Clinton trash for dirt. It will be time to start anew and start putting proposals for changes of much of what’s gone on this three and a half years, that will makes sense to the voters. To repeal all that congress and this president’s put in motion is a long involved process that could consume an entire two year session of congress. The easy route is simply refuse to fund any of those projects. That was how congress ended support for the Nicaraguan Contras when Reagan was president.

God willing there will be a sufficient number of Tea Bag oriented candidates [aka] conservatives to stand up to those old Turks who managed to survive the onslaught of change that’s going to occur in November. Fifty new faces in the House and eleven in the Senate would put the right back in control of both houses of congress, those are reasonable expectation. Many Democratic candidates are avoiding contact with Obama, It’s reminiscent of Republicans candidates who avoided Bush in 2006 and 2008 and they lost both the House and the Senate, voters have very little respect for those who lack the courage to stick it out.

Democrats have yet to settle on a winning strategy for the midterm elections. First it was going to be blaming Bush all over again but their pollsters tell them that’s old school and isn’t going to work. Their next target was Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement but that’s proving to do more good for Palin and the Tea Party than it is for Democrats. Even the media has turned on the left by finally telling the truth about some of the Obama failures in the past year and a half. Nothing is ever certain but listening to the political chatter Democrats losing the house is a given. Republican gains in the Senate will be substantial if not monumental. Bad seed usually produces bad results and it can’t get much worse than it is now.

Obama’s political genius’s miss read George Bush, Sarah Palin and the Tea Parties underline popularity with the voters. The lefts Pit-Bull political challenges are doing more harm than good. Voters have had enough of trash politics. I hope Republicans are aware of this fact and take a new approach.


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