Iran Greatest Threat to Peace

By: Craig Chamberlain

Ever since 9-11 we have been trying to define the enemy. Some insist that we are at war only with that small group of Muslims who actively take part in terrorist activities, and not the Muslim world at large. Islamofascism, the ideology of the terrorist organizations that seek to reinstate a Muslim Caliphate, and make the world live under sharia law, is the enemy of all people that value freedom. But our enemies are more than just the few fanatics on the front lines. We have stealth jihadists who seek to bring about sharia through other, nonviolent, means. Consider the GZ mosque, or the push to have sharia compliant finances from banks and other financial institutions. But this is not the main point. The main point is that in the nine years we have been at war we have bent over backwards to ignore the real enemy, and that is Iran.

Just like international communism needed a patron state to advance its cause during the Cold War, and found it in the USSR, Islamofascism needs a patron state to train, equip, and fund, the terrorist organizations that cause so much death and destruction. And just like international communism didn’t cease to be an international threat until the USSR collapsed, Islomofascism will continue to be a threat as long as Iran is there to be it’s patron.

Iran declared war on the United States in 1979 when they took over our embassy in Tehran. Our leaders have consistently refused to wake up to the reality that Iran sees itself as at being at war, and that “death to America” is not just a political slogan but an ultimate goal. Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama labored under the delusion that Iran was just like any country and that diplomatic engagement was entirely possible, all we had to do was find the right moderate leadership in Tehran who would be willing to negotiate with us. Thirty one years of banging our head off a stone wall and what do we have to show for it?

Iran is as militant as it was in 1979, if not more so. They continue their feverish pursuit of nuclear weapons, and are speeding up their construction of centrifuges so that they could be a nuclear power by sometime next year(and that’s the optimistic prediction) they support Hezbollah, arguably the worlds most dangerous terrorist organization, they supply Hamas, for their war against Israel, they have made alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, they are active in Latin America, support drug cartels, and have formed a close alliance with Hugo Chavez, they back Shiite rebels in Bahrain, which they see as being part of Iran, they give safe haven to Al-Qaeda terrorists, and now it has come to light that the Taliban are nothing more than Iranian mercenaries, killing American soldiers for cash. No matter how much we want to deny it Iran is the greatest threat to peace in the Middle East, and probably the world. The new Axis of Evil: Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela.

Destroying these terrorist organizations does us no good if we do not destroy their patron. If we wipe out the Taliban, Iran will simply form another group to kill Americans and threaten American interests in the country. If we took out Hezbollah, Iran would found another group. Just like the demise of the USSR meant the demise of Soviet clients, only regime change in Iran will bring about an end of the Iranian clients. Hamas, and Hezbollah, cannot survive without Iranian support. Yet we continue to avoid confronting Iran. Why?

The only reasonable answer is fear. That’s why we rely on futile negotiations, and insipid sanctions. We don’t want to confront Iran because we are worried about stirring up the Persian hornets nest. Well too bad, it’s already stirred up, and just imagine how much more of a problem they will be when they become a nuclear force. Iran, unlike say, Pakistan, or North Korea, will use nuclear weapons, and without hesitation. The Iranian leadership wants another holocaust. They believe that they have to launch Armageddon in order to bring back the hidden Imam, and usher in the end of days. People who think that paradise awaits terrorists, don’t have much fear of death.

For the Iranians a nuclear war is win win. If the win they will have, at the minimum, a hegemony over the Middle East and maybe much more. They will be able to bring sharia law and Islamic dominance over much of the globe, as most western nations will continue to appease them. If they lose, they die as martyrs and go straight to paradise. It’s not a recipe for rational decision making.

Unless Iran is confronted, and we chop the head off of the terrorist monster, we will be facing a much worse situation in the very near future. Iran is the key to winning our war and bring some real peace to the middle east. One analogy, put forth by a former Bahrain-an minister, compares Iran to an octopus. It’s tentacles spreading everywhere trying to choke the life out of everything it touches. Chopping off the tentacles does no good. You have to kill the head. If we eliminate the terrorist groups, but leave Iran under the revolutionary leadership it will have been a Pyrrhic victory. Iran will have suffered nothing but a setback on one front, and would still be going full steam with its nuclear program.

The USSR had to fall in order for the communist threat to cease. The Islamic fundamentalist threat will always be there as long as they have Iran to support them. If we really want to win, and see peace in the middle east then Iran must fall. Their fall will mean the end of Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban will be crippled and Al-Qaeda on the run once again. We cannot afford to wait much longer.

Taking on Iran would be dangerous, and lead us into another bloody, but necessary, war.America can’t be free from the terrorist threat as long as Iran stands, and the nightmare of a nuclear armed Iran is too much to contemplate. It’s time for Washington to wake up, they are running out of time, and once time is up a real hell on earth begins.

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