Illegal Alien Riot Alert: Clashes with police in LA


Friends of ALIPAC,

We are still piecing together what is going on in Los Angeles. Early reports indicate that illegal immigrants and their supporters are engaging in some kind of night marches where they are taking control of the streets.

This civil unrest has gone on for several nights since police killed a Hispanic man at a day labor site who the police claim was brandishing a knife.

Here are the news reports and videos that are coming in currently.

ALIPAC is releasing these videos and articles to our national news list as well as our supporters. These videos are NOT on our YouTube account.

We will keep watch and advise everyone if the situation escalates or starts to spread to other towns and cities.

All ALIPAC supporters are asked to observe and report so we can let our network know what is going on in LA and other locations.

Hopefully, these will not spread like the illegal alien riots in France 3 years ago that have never settled down and resulted in so much loss of property and life.

If you can safely gather us more info on these riots or you observe any spreading of the unrest in your area, please call the ALIPAC lines or email reports to



Article collection on illegal alien riots….

Video 1

Video 2


“Los Angeles police Tuesday night fired at least two volleys of nonlethal projectiles at crowds near 6th Street and Union Avenue”

“Crowd hurled rocks and bottles in the direction of officers”

“LAPD is on tactical alert in the Westlake District after a second night of violent protests over the shooting of a knife-wielding man.” (Suspected illegal immigrant day laborer)

“Manuel Jamines, 37, was shot and killed by police on Sunday after officials say he threatened someone with a knife. Jamines was a Guatemalan day laborer, husband, and father of three”

“Four people were arrested on misdemeanor charges of inciting a riot. Two police officers were hurt. Both have been treated for their injuries and have returned to duty.”

“Revolutionary Communist Party rallied the crowd with a bullhorn until the police declared an unlawful assembly”

“The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (RCP, USA), known originally as the Revolutionary Union, is a Maoist Communist party formed in 1975 in the United States. The RCP states that U.S. imperialism will never peacefully end, and that the only way for people to liberate themselves is through Communist revolution.”,_USA

“Angry mob blocks traffic, take roads, throw eggs and other projectiles at police station”

Background Information

Several prior illegal alien riots and clashes with police have been completely censored by the national media despite numerous press releases.

ALIPAC has alerted members of the New Media and our supporters of these events.

Please review our background information….

MacArthur Park Mini Riot — The Other Side Of The Story!

ALIPAC’s Collection of articles and reports of illegal alien riots

Tell your friends and family members to sign up for our email alerts at so they can be warned first of illegal immigrant supported civil unrest which the main stream media will be the last to report to the American public.

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