Whose President?

By: Patti Bankson

Conservatives are accused, regularly, of using fear tactics. I dislike fear tactics as much as the next guy, but it’s not like we have nothing to “fear”. Regardless, the truth is that Liberals are right there beside conservatives, doing some “fear mongering” of their own… “If you don’t approve this stimulus or that stimulus”… your city or county will have to fire X number of police, leaving you unprotected from criminals. Your city or county will have to fire X number of firefighters, leaving you listening to a dial tone when you call 911, leaving you without an EMT to save you in a medical emergency, or, should your house catch fire, leaving you standing in your yard watching it burn to the ground. And, of course, X number of teachers will have to be fired, and schools may have to be closed, leaving your children uneducated.

Why are they saying those things? Why are they talking as though there are no other solutions to these problems… as though that’s all they can do if there’s a short fall in their budgets? Why not cut back somewhere else? Makes sense, right? Not in a politician’s mind, obviously, or they’d be reducing non-essential government workers. Or reducing government workers’ salaries, which far exceed those of private sector workers? How about knocking off “double dipping”? The kind where government employees (elected and otherwise) “retire” from their job, receive full retirement benefits, but don’t actually retire… they simply show up back at their old job, receiving their same salary, in addition to the money they’re receiving for retiring from that job they didn’t actually retire from…

Those are just a few things that could be done without cutting police, firefighters, and teachers, an idea that will never become popular. Sure, politicians happily accuse each other of fear-mongering, but it’ll go on and on… because those other ideas don’t scare you! They count on your fear to keep you quiet and in line while they spend our cities, counties, states, and even the country into ruinous oblivion.

Here are more non-scary suggestions: abolish the IRS. Reduce the function of the federal government to its Constitutional level. As might be expected of corruptible, imperfect beings, the majority of our representatives in D.C. (and elsewhere) have forgotten whose interests they’ve been elected to protect. The self-serving money grab has been going on for decades, only getting worse with time, because we’ve just sat back, kept our mouths shut and re-elected the same people time after time. It looks like that destructive trend may be changing, but don’t relax yet… because although 400 billion in stimulus $$ remains unspent, (most of what has been spent was spent stupidly), Obama needs another 50 billion. Where are the voices – Democrat OR Republican – telling him, for us, to STOP!?

Don’t know. But I do know that this president won’t stop on his own. Not as long as his heart belongs to the uber progressive socialistic Left. Never mind solving the jobs problem for all American workers… never mind being President of the whole United States. It seems that being President of the Union States is quite enough to make him happy.

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