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September 15, 2010

Palestine: Jew Haters – Like Koran Burners – Cannot Be Condoned

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 15 Sep 2010

It did not take very long for the Palestinian Authority to make its unequivocal rejection of a Jewish State crystal clear following the pomp and circumstance of resumed negotiations between it and Israel in Washington last week.

Tweets About The Dove Christian World Outreach Debate

Filed under: What The F@#K?!? - 15 Sep 2010

If General Petraeus is now handing down edicts as to what kind of expression is going to set off radical Islamists in regards to the plans to burn Koran’s by one church, is he also going to hand down similar …

Update on the LA Machete Riots

Filed under: Immigration - 15 Sep 2010

First and foremost, we want to thank all of the ALIPAC activists who worked hard last night and stayed up late monitoring radio broadcasts, news reports, eye witness reports, and police radio communications to stay on top of the illegal …

9-11 Hero John O’Neill: The Counterterrorist Who Defied Washington Elites

Filed under: Featured Conservative,War On Terror - 15 Sep 2010

Each year on September 11, many police officers and security managers remember the contributions of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Counterterrorism Chief, the late John P. O’Neill. While the Clinton Administration slept during the terrorists’ war against the United States, …