Update on the LA Machete Riots


First and foremost, we want to thank all of the ALIPAC activists who worked hard last night and stayed up late monitoring radio broadcasts, news reports, eye witness reports, and police radio communications to stay on top of the illegal alien riots in Los Angeles that took place for a third night in a row last night.

Luckily, the very heavy police presence in riot gear and the city wide tactical alert helped to stop things from getting too wild although there were new arrests, reports of rocks and eggs being thrown, and a report of fires being set in dumpsters near an apartment building filled with tenants.

We want to thank our activists for keeping watch because this kind of unrest among assimilated illegal immigrants has spread rapidly in other nations like France and Greece causing massive loss of property and lives. ALIPAC has documented many anti-American proclamations and threats of mass violence against Americans initiated by illegal aliens and their supporters, so we stand ready to be your first alert if these riots should spread.

Especially having a movie like Robert Rodriguez’s MACHETE showing in over 3,000 movie theaters in America, we must be on guard for possible massive civil unrest. The movie Machete is an expensive, anti-American, propaganda film masquerading as satire. The movie depicts illegal aliens killing Americans who they believe are deserving of death because of their racism and violence towards Hispanics. While a film demonizing Americans is broadcast across the land, the remake of the 1980′s film Red Dawn has been canceled. Mobs of well armed illegal aliens attacking demonized Americans is promoted while a movie about Americans defending our homeland from invasion by communist forces is canceled. Does everyone understand what is happening here?

The latest illegal alien fueled riots in Los Angeles began three days after MACHETE was released nationally, depicting an army of illegals violently rising up against American oppressors. If the unrest in Los Angeles continues or spreads, ALIPAC will publicly demand that Machete be withdrawn from theaters.

Everyone did a great job yesterday making sure that the national news could not hide what was happening in LA. However, most of the news is refusing to tell Americans that the Guatemalan day laborer “immigrant” who was shot is an illegal alien who was using 5 different names.

We encourage all ALIPAC supporters to call, e-mail, or write each news source referring to the Guatemalan man as an “immigrant” to complain. It is both insulting to legal immigrants and a form of anti-immigrant behavior for these news companies to compare an illegal alien to lawful respectful immigrants. We would not allow the media to refer to shop lifters as a particular race or nationality, we cannot allow them to compare illegal alien invaders to law abiding legal IMMIGRANTS.

It is highly alarming that the illegal aliens and their supporters in the MacArthur Park area of LA would rise to the level of riots for an illegal alien with multiple aliases who was severely drunk and threatening people with a bloody knife in a public park. The Hispanic officers that responded told him to drop the knife in English and in Spanish.

These incidents should be a warning to all Americans that illegal alien fueled riots and mayhem can manifest in the blink of an eye in response to unexpected provocations. The illegals are feeling the heat from Americans and are ready to jump. Please make sure that you and your family members are properly prepared for any future mass disturbances and please utilize all of your American rights to provide for your own security and preparedness.

We are not predicting mass civil unrest in America, we are merely pointing out the obvious fact that such calamity is entirely possible thanks to our government’s failure to enforce existing immigration and border laws or the Constitutional requirements to protect all of our states from invasion.

There are three items of high importance we want everyone to understand.

First, the Los Angeles authorities conducted a meeting last night to try and quell the angry mob. The LA police chief, Beck, was booed by the crowd. Radio station KFI reports that they originally planned to conduct the entire meeting in Spanish with translator headsets for English speaking Americans, but so many English speakers showed up for the meeting it was conducted in both languages.

Consulate employees of three unidentified Central American nations were a component of the meeting. Thus, Los Angeles authorities conceded to the sovereignty of other nations dealing with their citizens rioting on American soil.

Second, LAPD Chief Beck blamed the “US Population” for the riots! USA Today reports….

“Beck said the recent protests were the culmination of a variety of frustrations, including a terrible economy and a feeling of victimization among immigrants who say the U.S. population likes to blame them for many of society’s shortcomings.”

So, in effect all of us Americans who are concerned about the negative impacts of illegal immigration or hyper levels of legal immigration are making these rioters feel victimized which makes them want to attack police stations, police officers, block traffic, and burn things in the streets according to Chief Beck.

Third, and most importantly, several members of the angry mob of foreign nationals and their supporters on US soil demanded that the LAPD stop patrolling their neighborhoods all together. They said they resented the encroachment of the US police force on “Their territory”.
The push for autonomy has already begun in America. Not only are parts of Arizona and other border states being conceded to drug cartels and other nations, but parts of our cities are now being lost where illegal aliens and their gang masters are pushing for US police to stay out of the areas all together.

While Chief Beck blamed American citizens for causing the riots, the illegal aliens blamed American citizens and the police for causing riots by doing their jobs in areas these rioters believe they control.

We had some supporters sign off from receiving our email alerts yesterday, yet many new supporters joined our email alerts. Several of those leaving wrote to say “Thank you for what you do ALIPAC, but I can no longer bare to watch America crumble”

We want everyone to remember that hiding under the covers will not work.

Whatever the hardships are that each of us faces right now, our individual and societal problems will only get worse until the American people are returned to power in America.

Things will get worse and become more horrific until We The People unify our time and resources to take back our government. We cannot be safe, secure, or economically stable much less prosperous, until our nation is made healthy again and the Republic is Restored.

That is what we here at ALIPAC are fighting for and we are going to fight with all that we have because our lives and the lives of our children and grand children depend on it.

We will inform everyone if these riots continue or spread.

Otherwise, let’s all keep our eyes on the prize. We are poised to deliver a political death blow to Obama’s backdoor amnesty plans on Nov 2nd. Our small army of candidates, volunteers, and donors are on the electoral battlefield and gaining strength each day.

This is our final chance to get things right in the elections. Let’s make each day count!


William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

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