What Is A Born Again Conservative

By: Ken Hughes

Politicians thrive on buzz works like Vultures on road kill once the pray show up they all jump on for a meal. This election conservatism has become one of the popular buzz words. Few know what the word conservative stands for but there’re all claiming to be one just the same. Felons on death row often become born again Christians to impress authorities the same reason politicians on an elections [death raw] become born again conservatives. Given the events in congress the past year and a half it’s going to be a hard-sell for many incumbents to explain how they were against Obama’s spending policies before they voted for them. Every time Obama stands before the Teleprompters addressing an audience accusing George Bush and the Conservative Republican Congress for the current condition of the economy the less creditable he becomes. Let me repeat presidents don’t spend money congress does! Democrats have been in charge of congress for the past three and a half years and have created more debt than all previous presidents had in the history of the Republic.

The Obama charisma seems to have sprung a leak all of the old Obama mojo has disappeared. His words are no longer clever clichés now he’s being taken seriously as are liberals in congress. Conservatism once again has real meaning it’s not just one of those campaign slogans politicians use, voters are paying attention to what’s being said in this campaign.

The 111th Congress at the behest of President Obama has spent far beyond anything that can be repaid in the foreseeable future. Obama has requested fifty billion more in stimulus money when there’s still tarp and stimulus money unspent from the last requests. This has more to do with politics than reenergizing the economy. The latest suggestion has more to do with energizing union members to vote Democratic than it has to do with energizing a recovery. The projects Obama described have one thing in common they all require large investments in men and equipment that means large construction companies and union labor. The only place small business and nonunion labor fits in is paying for all if it.

Congress and the president hold out the carrot of tax incentives as a motivator for small business to hire more workers. That’s fine except once again it’s all politics. If a small business is struggling in this economy they aren’t paying taxes, if they are paying taxes the tax credit isn’t enough to offset the expense of an additional employee. Then there’re new regulation congress approved without knowing what they were, no one in congress read the legislation before it was passed and signed into law by the president. And by the way that’s another lie the president told when he said everyone would have seventy-two hours to read any legislation passed by congress before it was signed by him.

Obama made a statement labor day to a group of union leaders, “The government should do for the people what the people can’t do for themselves.” That has a ring of politics all around it, government consists of ordinary people, not special people as many of them assume. I have no doubt what the government can do for the people the people are capable of doing for themselves, in fact history has proven this many times over beginning in 1630 when there was only people and no government when the first settlers landed in this country. This government was derived from what people didn’t want or didn’t have time to do for themselves.

Barack Obama has the temperament of an incorrigible child. His lack of cooperation with others has been a detriment to this nation that will take years to recover from. The nation is bleeding financially all because Obama refuses to recognize the talents of others and the mood of the nation. Obama was raised as a child of the welfare system. He was never held responsible for the things he acquired from his daily needs to his education it was always given to him. Obama only knows the bottomless money pit the government provides and the equally generous programs a benevolent society provides. Obama has gone through life with his hand out and his chin up as if it were a badge of honor to be the Prince of the welfare children.

At this point it’s fair to assume Obama knows he’s going to be a one term president. The only thing left for him is to build a legacy of “Yes I Did” and hope it will carry him half as far as it’s taken Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. In Obama’s world it’s not what they say but just that they’re saying something that counts. It’s doubtful he ever hears a word beyond “Barack Obama” that’s probably what rings loudest in his mind. Obama is the quintessential self-centered arrogant elitist person whose thoughts are only of himself.

This country can work its way out of this mess liberalism has created if the voters don’t drink the Kool Aid incumbents on both sides will be handing out between now and the Novembers elections. Every incumbent has a stake in the system not changing from what it’s been to a more conservative approach. Incumbents don’t understand the concept of conservatism as Berry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan practiced it. Government regulations provide congress with power over the people when the constitution gives power to the people over congress and the president that is if congress were to follow the constitution. Conservatism means more than just financial responsibility it also means moral and political responsibility something that’s been missing far too long.

Berry Goldwater was a genuine conservative, Ronald Reagan was a born again conservative, both men contributed greatly to the America that was and can be again.

America gets the government it elects is more than just a cliché it’s a reality. If congress doesn’t change significantly in the coming election the country deserves what it gets. I can’t say the same for future generation who will be left paying for today’s mistakes.

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