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September 17, 2010


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Extortion, intimidation, and scams: these are the tactics of thugs. On the streets of Chicago there are neighborhoods where the police won’t enter after dark. Gangs of thugs rule the night protecting the neighborhood or engaging in what …

Dear God: The Ninth Anniversary Prayer

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Dear God,

You created me as a straight-talking free thinker, and it is in this manner that I pray.

As mankind marks another solemn anniversary of that dark day, I find myself an observer to troubling circumstances which I fear will …

9-11 Attacks: First responders 9 years later

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As the nation remembers the shock and horror of the 9-11 terrorist attacks nine years ago, one sore point that continues to fester is the lack of training for local first responders especially in suburban and rural areas of the …

Protecting Our Most Basic Right

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By: Jennifer Kimball

After seven long years of war in Iraq, President Barack Obama declared last week: “It’s time to turn the page.” America’s military role in Iraq is over, our “responsibility has been met,” and our troops are coming home. …