The Tea Party Is The New Voice Of Conservatism

By: Ken Hughes

The Tea Party movement is as close to Goldwater / Reagan Conservatism as any political ideology can expect to get. Both have a strong belief in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as the foundation of a sound government. As congress has drifted toward liberalism it’s moved away from the constitution as the law of the land. The first seven articles of the constitution are rules meant to protect the people from an over aggressive government. The following twenty seven amendments grant the people their rights, these rights come into question and every so often a president will use congress to circumvent the people’s God given rights. Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, Franklyn Roosevelt, George Bush and Barack Obama have all been presidents along with the blessings of congress at the time to use the times to enact laws that were not in the best interests of the citizens of this country. This is why a Tea Party movement is essential to force both political parties to recognize they alone don’t call all the shots in the process of governing.

Nothing legitimizes the Tea Party movement more than its critics, starting with the DNC, CBC, NAACP, George Soros and the Mainstream Media. If your in politics having all these people against you is like holding a Royal Flush in a poker game, it can’t get any better no matter how hard one tries. Those people who claim allegiance to the Tea Party should light candles and pray for their critics it’s been the criticism that’s kept the movement energized and alive. Without the Media’s attention where would the free publicity have come from, without the lefts criticism the Media wouldn’t have been there to publicize its cause.

Perhaps the most entertaining of all of the Tea Parties critics is President Obama. In his statesman like manor or at least as much of one as he can mimic he say the Tea Party has every right to disagree with his administration and call him a dirty low down dog. And though he has no plans to retaliate Eric Holder the Attorney General and the IRS are looking into every phase of Tea Party activities, nothing personal just business as usual.

The Tea Party is the grass roots origination that has grown into a giant, that wouldn’t have been possible if the left hadn’t recognized something about them that was frightening enough to scare the hell out of them. Freedom of speech is one scary thing if you’re a liberal. At first the media at the suggestion of the left portrayed the Tea Party as bunch of weirdo’s hanging out in parks drinking conservative Kool Aid. As the movement grew and their intentions became better understood by the public the media was forced to take a closer look at what the Tea Party was really about. The Tea Party has become a viable alternative to Obamanomics. The Tea Party is supporting congressional candidates who can make a difference in the 112th congress beginning in 2011and put an end to the financial bleeding the country is going through.

The NAACP who has been guilty of their own racially charged rhetoric in the past has launched a media campaign to paint the Tea Party as racists. Before I address this charge let me point out something I and thousands of other Americans have questioned for over forty years. Why after hundreds of federal laws and billions of dollars spent by taxpayers of every creed and color promoting equality are African Americans and now Hispanics still separating themselves from mainstream America? What makes them so special they deserve a voice louder than the rest of America? Now back to the antics of the NAACP. When the Black Panthers stood out side a polling station intimidating voters the NAACP was nowhere to be seen. The NAACP is not about fairness it’s about the politics of getting not giving. The figures in Madame Tussauds Wax Museums are seldom as well groomed and primped as the leaders of the NAACP setting them apart from the poor folks they claim to represent. There’s a lot of hypocrisy in those ranks.

Like a lightning bolt from above Sarah Palin and Glen Beck two of conservatives more popular spokespersons joined in the movement assuring the Tea Party movement would continue to be a news item throughout this election and hopefully through 2012 elections. 2010 is only the first battle of the war on Obamanomics the surge begins in the 2012 presidential elections.

As much as I admire Sarah Palin I think she’s the wrong candidate for president in 2012, she’s too big of a target to be able to manage a campaign against Hillary Clinton who seems to be emerging as the Democrats next candidate for president in 2012. Frankly I would prefer Hillary Clinton over several Republican Congress persons who are toying with the idea of running for president. By nature congress persons are not leaders they are compromisers and when they reach a leadership position they have no clue how to handle it. If more proof is needed just look at Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi as examples.

A Tea Party helped create America in 1773, once again the American people have gone back to their roots to right a number of wrongs being perpetrated by an out of control government. It’s a shame more American citizens don’t know the struggles the original Colonials went through creating the first nation on earth where the people where in charge of their government. Not to be taught history only serves to have it repeated.

To all Tea Party participants I say, “We Support You”. You are the mortar that holds the walls of freedom together. You are freedoms crusaders who will run the barbarians out of Washington.


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