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September 19, 2010

At Least Marie Antoinette Would Let Us Have Cake

During his campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama lamented the tendency of Americans to eat what we want, drive SUV’s, and keep our homes climate controlled at 70 degrees. Some will observe that I have already published a number …

African-Americans, Latinos more socially conservative than their leadership

Filed under: Politics In General - 19 Sep 2010

During the controversy and heated debate over same-sex marriage, many in the news media failed to report that clear majorities of African-Americans and Latinos voted to preserve traditional marriage between a man and a woman. Sadly, except for the Church …

Six More Federal Candidates Line Up Against Illegal Alien Amnesty

Filed under: Immigration - 19 Sep 2010

ALIPAC is encouraging national supporters in the fight against amnesty and illegal immigration to pay close attention to the group of 138 endorsed Federal candidates listed at, as they vote in primaries in seven states today.

A Tale of Two Evil Democrat Paradigms

Two paradigms which evil divisive democrats have shamefully promoted and exploited for years are; one, white men are burning the midnight oil thinking of ways to keep blacks down and two, all rich white people are selfish, evil and deserving …