Six More Federal Candidates Line Up Against Illegal Alien Amnesty


ALIPAC is encouraging national supporters in the fight against amnesty and illegal immigration to pay close attention to the group of 138 endorsed Federal candidates listed at, as they vote in primaries in seven states today.

Six new endorsements are being issued today by America’s most prominent political action committee addressing immigration issues.

“Illegal immigration is more prominent in the 2010 elections than in any other election in modern history,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Polls are ranking illegal immigration as a top voter concern next to the economy and national security, and an unprecedented number of candidates are declaring their opposition to Amnesty for illegal aliens.”

Today, Politico is reporting that the unprecedented opposition to amnesty among the Federal campaigns is destroying almost any chance of Amnesty passing and is creating the potential for a Congress dedicated to strong immigration enforcement and border security measures.

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that a new Quinnipiac University poll shows the American public opposing Obama’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty by a margin of 68% to 24%. The poll also indicates that President Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership, including Senator Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s positions on immigration are hurting Democrats in the approaching elections and helping send the President’s approval ratings to new lows.

Today, ALIPAC is endorsing Morgan Griffith who is a Republican challenger in Virginia’s 9th District. Joe Walsh who is a Republican challenger in Illinois’s 8th District. Tom Mullins who is a Republican challenger in New Mexico’s 3rd District. Scott Folkens, a Republican challenger in California’s 43rd District and Janet Contreras who is a Republican challenger in Arizona’s 4th District.

Each endorsed candidates completed a candidate survey and signed a pledge that they will secure America’s borders, support Arizona, oppose any form of Amnesty, and use the full power of Congress to assure the Executive Branch enforces America’s existing border and immigration laws mandated by Congress and the American public.

While ALIPAC is a non-partisan, non-connected Political Action Committee that endorses Republican and Democratic candidates, each of these Republican challengers faces a Democratic incumbent or opponent with weaker positions on immigration enforcement and a greater chance of supporting Amnesty for illegal aliens.

Several of these incumbents have very strong illegal immigration supporting positions such as Congressman Alcee Hastings, Joe Baca, and Ed Pastor. Hastings, Baca, and Pastor each support Amnesty for illegal aliens and other open borders policies. Each has received the lowest rating of F by NumbersUSA, which monitors the immigration positions of incumbents in Washington.

“The illegal aliens are on the run out of America. Obama is putting himself at greater risk trying to entice them to stay with his unconstitutional and illegal executive order back door amnesty,” said William Gheen. “The candidates and groups supporting illegal aliens are also in retreat and our side is on offense for the next 50 days. We are going to politically destroy the Amnesty faction on November 2, 2010.”

ALIPAC’s goal is to do more than ever before in the 2010 elections. Supporters are being encouraged to vote for, volunteer for, and donate directly to candidates endorsed by ALIPAC. ALIPAC’s endorsements online have already been viewed over 17,000 times, which set a new record.

For more information or to view ALIPAC’s 138 Federal endorsements, please visit Federal candidates are encouraged to visit our homepage and click on a link to fill out one of ALIPAC’s 2010 Federal Candidate Surveys.



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