ALIPAC Endorses Sharron Angle: Opposes Reid’s Amnesty and Racism


ALIPAC is once again rallying Americans to call the US Senate to oppose Senator Reid’s Dream Act Amnesty legislation, which is inappropriately being placed into a defense spending bill and against Reid’s racist comments about Hispanics in the military, while endorsing Reid’s opponent Sharron Angle.

Senator Harry Reid announced at a press conference yesterday that he plans to insert the Dream Act Amnesty, dubbed by ALIPAC as the Nightmare Act, into a defense bill. The Dream Act would provide Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens under the age of 30 who claim they entered the US when they were young and claim they intend to go to college.

“Senator Reid’s attempt to pass Amnesty shortly before the November elections is a sign of desperation,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “The more he pushes the Dream Act, the more Democrats across America will pay at the ballot box in November. Reid and amnesty backing groups know that the American public is about to cancel their Amnesty plans on November 2 and are desperately trying to thwart the will of the public by taking action before the elections.”

Only 22% of voters support the Dream Act Amnesty proposal originally introduced by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and 59% of all voters oppose the Dream Act concept according to Rasmussen polling conducted in October of 2007.

ALIPAC has played a central role in defeating the Dream Act Amnesty legislation on two prior occasions in the last three years.

In the 2010 election cycle, an unprecedented number of Federal candidates are expressing their opposition to any form of Amnesty for illegal aliens on their campaign websites, in their campaign ads, and in candidate survey’s circulated by ALIPAC, NumbersUSA, and other organizations.

“We are calling on Senator Reid to apologize for his racist comment about Hispanics in the US military supporting Amnesty for illegal aliens because of their race,” said William Gheen. “Most legal American Hispanics oppose Amnesty for illegals and it is currently a violation of Federal law for illegal aliens to serve in the US military. Reid’s assertions that all Hispanics support his Dream Act Amnesty are both incorrect, racist, and offensive to Hispanics that do not share his political views.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC opposes any form of Amnesty such as the Dream Act because the legislation would turn illegal aliens into voters, which would harm American voters. The legislation would also replace innocent American students in the limited seats in college with illegal aliens. The legislation would also encourage more illegal immigration into America by providing rewards and benefits for illegal aliens and their families.

Many ALIPAC supporters are Hispanic and LEGAL immigrants who decry the constant racist and anti-immigrant comments used by Amnesty supporters like Senator Harry Reid. Reid and other Amnesty supporters often falsely equate all immigrants and all Hispanics with illegal aliens who are criminals who violate US sovereignty. Comparing a race of people or law abiding immigrants to people who have made an illegal and unethical decision to break into America to steal for their own personal gain.

ALIPAC rejects Amnesty, taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens, racism, and anti-immigrant behavior and thus rejects the Dream Act and Senator Reid’s comments.

To oppose Senator Reid’s push for Amnesty, ALIPAC is instructing activists to immediately call their US Senators to oppose Reid’s DREAM Act amnesty bill (S.729).

ALIPAC is also issuing an endorsement of Sharron Angle’s US Senate campaign in Nevada.

Sharron Angle promises to “secure Nevada’s borders immediately and enforce the laws that are already on the books”, while Senator Reid would change the current laws already on the books to give Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. ALIPAC will take steps to promote Angle’s new “Best Friend” campaign ad criticizing Harry Reid for opposing Arizona’s new law and pushing for social security benefits and tax breaks.

“Reid’s open push for Dream Act Amnesty, combined with Angle’s new ad about his support for illegal aliens will result in Reid’s polling numbers dropping and he will never recover by election day.” said William Gheen.

ALIPAC’s nemesis “Immigrants List PAC” has thrown their support behind Reid claiming that Sharon Angle is the nation’s biggest road block for their unpopular Amnesty agenda.

ALIPAC supporters and all Americans are encouraged to vote for, volunteer for, and donate to Sharron Angle’s campaign

For more information or to see ALIPAC’s 139 endorsements, pleae visit

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