Our Undeclared War

By: Keith Allison

Whether the morons, pin heads, Obama and other occupants of the Whitehouse and Department of Justice who arrogantly demonstrate an obviously pronounced lack of intelligence cares to hear about it or not, the United States is involved in a war that has the potential of destroying this nation if it is not brought under control. That war, of course, involves the illegal alien [I refuse to call them immigrants] smuggling operations going on along the length of our Southern border. And before those rabid, questionably literate, mealy mouthed supporters of this illegal invasion of our country begin frothing at the mouth about my not understanding the force driving these illegal aliens North, forget your nonsense filled utterances of feigned empathy for these mostly illiterate denizens of poverty stricken countries to the South of us. I fully understand the illegal insurgents desire to escape the poverty and political and judicial corruption in their homelands. I understand it because I see much of the same thing going on in America consisting of illegal and unconstitutional rules, orders, and statutes being promoted and protected by many of our own judges and politicians.

The difference between them and me, is that I would fight for my country; I would fight to eliminate the ability of pompous politicians, judges, and their minions who believe their positions of power give them the authority to hold economic or physical sway over the lives of the citizens they are supposed to serve. I would hope it wouldn’t come to open warfare against those who enslave the inhabitants of their native lands, but if that’s what it took to eliminate the open oppression of my people, I would serve my country in any endeavor that would help free the nation from this sort of oppression.

Also, while these illegal aliens continue to occupy the nation I was born and raised in, I would hope that you and your intellectually challenged supporters would take the time to understand that I, along with probably the majority of other American’s, believe you should support yourself and your offspring and not rely on taking advantage of the Social Security funds we have worked for our entire lives. While you’re at it, you might consider paying for your own health-care and hospital visits instead of saddling legal American citizens with those expenses. And, since you claim to have come here in order to take advantage of our freedoms and live under the rule of law and order, why don’t you “man up” and hold your own criminal element accountable for their actions. Instead of throwing rocks, sticks or other debris, or shooting at our police who are trying to protect you from these undesirables, why don’t you cooperate with them in their efforts to protect you from harm?

For those readers who believe I’m being excessively hard on the illegal aliens of today, I realize that ours is a nation of immigrants. But, most of those immigrants came here legally as did my ancestors from Ireland and Scotland. They met the requirement of being able to support themselves and their families in order to attain access to this land of plenty; in short, they didn’t expect to be handed money to live on, government paid housing and/or healthcare. They understood and respected the idea that those citizens already occupying this nation did not owe them a living or upkeep of any sort. Instead of sneaking into this country and becoming a burden on society, they stood in the seemingly interminable lines at Ellis Island in order to become American citizens. I vividly recall my grand-father relating to my siblings and I the pride his and other families felt when they received their citizenship papers after coming here from Ireland. These men and women toiled at their chosen occupations or whatever work was available to them. The only difference between today’s illegal aliens and those who have come here under the rules and laws governing immigration is that those who followed the law did not have to hide in rat holes and become dependent upon the labor of others to exist.

I know not whether it is the pride of the English, Irish, Scot and German bloods that course through my veins, but I would much rather live my life in a millisecond as a free man, than to be granted eternal life as a slave.

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