Sour Grapes

By: William P. Frasca

The National Republican Party absolutely, positively needs a complete overhaul. We have recently felt the sharp bite of these sheep in wolves clothing. As proof, in the resent past, we have unfortunately witnessed these so called members of the “Grand Old Party” forgetting and easily relinquishing their principles, dignity and self respect.

The Conservative movement within the Republican Party is slowly but surely decreasing in numbers, and becoming self destructing, but it is being forcibly revitalized by outside entities, and prospectively resurrecting its glorified credentials. They arrogantly participated in the failed policies of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, which seem to lead them around by the nose. They are acting like middle of the road children, lost in the vicious thick political forest of deceiving guidance and manipulation.

They are following the “Little Red Ridding Hood” syndrome and philosophy, of cheerfully bringing home the goods with exorbitant political pork, to themselves and their constituents, only the find the basket empty, disgracing their prominent position with complete humiliation. The wolf is wearing a well known unacceptable misleading disguise, while waiting so impatiently, to devour its simpleton prey of unwise direction. Fortunately there is a fearless hunter, just like the fairytale, to save the day, and her name is Sarah Palin, together with fed up members of the Tea Party Express.

These elected representatives, who are a complete embarrassment, to the Country and to the people, are humiliatingly, identifying themselves as Republicans, while sitting in their elected positions and voting mostly on the side our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, giving their seal of approval for his Socialist runaway expenditures. These individuals have no ethics, remorse or conscience while sleeping in the same bed, with the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, headed by House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, “The Incompetent One” and Senate President Harry Reid, “The Incoherent One”.

These three so-called Republicans scoundrels, which must be brought to light, who freely went over to the side of the liberal agenda, were complete sellouts and sold their souls to the Democrats. They voted for the sub-par, capitalist strangling and restraining idiot bill initiated by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd’s called the “Finance Reform Bill”. Their names are United States Senators’ Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, together with the most despicable “Benedict Arnold”, of them all, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, he is the most devious. He turned his back on all those individuals that supported his Man of La Mancha, ‘Dream the Impossible Dream’ quest in defeating one of the most Liberal Democratic candidate, in the special election, to fill the unexpired term of the late Senator Kennedy in an overwhelming percentage of registered Liberal Democrats participating in the election. We must never forget these traitorous acts of cowardice, especially from Brown. We voted him in we can easily vote him out.

We are in dyer need of new fresh Conservative blood that does not follow their self serving agenda, and infant mentality, but honoring the will of the people. We must eliminate the pre-historic deficient old guard of the established regressive unorthodox Republicans, presently in offices, who are the gutless cowards. They must be replaced with the strong, and the dedicated, who respect our Country, our Flag, the United States Constitution and the people. The one’s who truly believe in “taxation with Representation”. Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are initiating and converting these Primaries into vital and essential victories in necessary change. This is only the start, and must continue.

Now that some of their hand picked backroom endorsed candidates were defeated in the Republican Primary such as “The Relic” Mike Castle losing to an aggressive newcomer Christine O’Donnell. There are numerous discrepancies with conflicting questions and answers coming from the Representatives of the Delaware National Republican Committee on giving her their complete support, including monetary donations and contributions.

Why should any Party be shamed into backing a candidate that was the clear cut choice of the people? Is this the perfect example of sour grapes? There were statements made such as, “You don’t need us, you have Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express”. They should really change their attitude, because her popularity is growing as well as her political war chest, without their assistance. Why, as in the past, has the Republican Party showed their true colors of separation, instead of being fully unified with one solid goal?

What happens if she wins without their help, could this be the potential demise of the Republican Party’s “good old boy characteristics”? The people are getting sick and tired of Party labels; they want positive, uncorrupted actions and results, not more piles of manure.

Today’s Republican Party has no positive identity. They’re a disgrace. It’s been for so long, “their way or the highway”. This childish mentality, of crying and going home with bat and ball in hand must dramatically change. Their revengeful antics of staying home on Election Day, freely giving the election to the opposition, for spite, are an abomination and must be reversed for the survival of the Party. These victories are a stimulating breath of fresh air, which is purifying the old worn out complacent demigods, politics as usual Hippocrates with individuals of integrality, honesty, honor, and dignity.

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party have developed themselves into formidable major national figures, which are scarring the crap out of the Socialist Marist Liberal Democrats and the Republican Party.

Even though on few separate occasions they split with their endorsements, such as with Senator McCain in Arizona and the two Republican candidates in New Hampshire, with Mrs. Palin supporting Kelly Ayotte and the Tea Party Express supporting Ovide Lamontagne, they have been united with the same admirable cause.

Even though the Tea Party constantly states they have no leadership, Sarah Palin has become their well known, outstandingly respected high profile vocal uninhibited favorite daughter and undoubtedly their poster girl. She’s tough and thick skinned to all her critics’ unwarranted insults.

She is a fortress of strength and admiration and feared by the ignorant imbecilic vain demigods of little narrow minded means of jealousy. Even the so-called women’s organization and feminists are threatened with her Conservative success, as a Mother, a leader and a successful Politician, by sticking to her beliefs, and not begging for their approval. These organizations are two faced Judas’ loyal only to their own chosen self serving determined agenda. Fortunately it’s the people that decide not them.

These major upsets in both Party’s are the start of something big, keep it going, don’t stop until the our Country is saved from political gluttony, lies, deceit and egotistical narcissism. God Bless America Always, and with his guidance we will definitely survive these turbulent times!

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