The Last Breath Of A Dyeing Majority

By: Ken Hughes

Liberalism is for all practical purposes dead. Like so many ideologist they’re not going silently they’re kicking and screaming as if it wasn’t their time. In their eyes it isn’t suicide that’s killing them it’s those murdering conservatives that’s bringing them to this point. The Democrats could fend off Republicans after all they played by the same rules it was those radical undisciplined Tea Partiers who don’t know the rules that are messing things up. What or who gave the voters the right to express an opinion anyway? Voters are supposed to listen, pay up and be silent, those have been the rules for the past seventy five years.

Democrats could claim a Republican / Tea Party conspiracy if it weren’t for the fact nearly as many incumbent Republicans is being taken down as Democrats. Establishment criticism clings to the Tea Party like it’s magnetized, the more outrageous the rhetoric the more the public seem to be attracted to Tea Party principles. The Tea Party is made up of disgruntled voters, Republicans, Moderate Democrats and Independents as well as None of the Above. People attracted to the Tea Party movement are those who feel they’re not being heard by the elected establishment. They feel they’re being considered to stupid to understand the complexities of tax and spend as a political ideology, November will tell who’s stupid and who isn’t.

Incumbent congress persons campaigning for reelection are driven like cattle by so called political experts they’re opinions are scripted, what to say and when to say it. The Tea Party backed candidates who seem to be winning the primaries don’t have the luxury of the expert’s advice. The experts are saying even though these novas candidates won in the primaries they can’t win in the general election. In some cases the numbers who turned out to vote in the primaries exceeded or come close to the numbers who turn out in the general election. Predicting election results is a job it’s not a science, at best it’s never better than 50 / 50. If I were to make a prediction I would have to say the experts are going to be on the low side of 50 in the general election. I think in most cases the [novas] Tea Party backed candidates are going to win. The voters have had enough of the experts telling them what’s going to happen now it the voters turn to speak out.

The left has lost any semblance of trying to form a campaign strategy that justifies the past 20 months of their failed services. Democrats are running from Obama’s record as fast and as far away as they can get.

Trashing every Republican / Tea Party backed candidate who’s running for congress isn’t a strategy its desperation. Most of the attacks have nothing to do with the candidate’s qualifications they’re personal attacks and are things that may or may not have happened years ago. The establishment still doesn’t get it the voters are finally turning the election process away from entitlements and back to whose more qualified for the job. After the November elections there will be a lot of so called political experts going back to take refresher courses in political punditry 101, especially those who say Tea Party backed candidates can’t win. The establishment doesn’t get it the Tea Party is not a political party it’s a grass roots movement that has no memberships or national organizational structure. Its just people who are feed up with the way the administration, congress and the government bureaucracy has been treating them.

The primaries are about shaking up the old Republican establishment more than they were about dislodging Democrats, which will come on Election Day in November. The Republican establishment had its last hooraw now its time to stop whining and get on board the Tea Party express heading for a huge November victory. Tea Party participants are popular because the voters feel they’ve been ignored by both political parties for to long. The Media and the entire political establishment spent the past year and a half not listening to the public. The establishment and their advisors are still relying on conventional wisdom from past elections to predict the outcome of this election and it ain’t working in this election neither past nor convention will be a factor. The factor will be who do the voters trust and it doesn’t seem to be incumbents or the media. Incumbent candidates would have been better off spending the money they paid advisors on Tarot Cards and Fortune Tellers for all the bad advice their getting.

The good old boy domination of congress may finally be over. With a new breed of legislator being elected the greater good may be the greater gone. Liberal domination of the government may finally be coming to an end. Washingtonians within the belt way are ignoring those beyond as if they don’t matter, that only works for so long then the real owners of America those who are not part of government demand an audit with accountability and that time has come.

This election is going to be the year of the women candidates. The Momma Grizzlies as they’re calling themselves will prevail. They will prevail for the same reason the women who walked across America to settle the west and build a nation prevailed because they are the strength of America every bit as much as the political elite seem to think they are. The Democratic elite will go to any lengths to discredit these women running for congress, that is any length but one and that’s to challenge them on the issues. A Democrat discrediting someone on ethics is like the pot calling the kettle black considering all those House Democrats under investigation for ethics violations and how about those congressmen accused of sexually harassing congressional pages?

When will Mr. Gibbs the administrations spokesman throw his beret in the sand and walk off camera the way Baghdad Bob did at the end of Saddam’s days, the lies he tells for Obama and his party no longer make sense? Liberals have had three and a half years to prove their metal and they’ve failed. Even the lefts ardent followers aren’t buying the lies any longer, truth and a return to what worked so well before lying became the new coin of the realm. For centuries America did better than any nation in the civilized world then a nanny state mentality allowed We the People to buy into a position of complacency and dependency, now that we find it didn’t work it is time to put an end to liberalism and the political con jobs. It’s time to gather up the shattered constitution and past in back together.

I can’t say God sent these ladies running for congress but I can’t say they aren’t divinely inspired either. Whatever it is that makes them go against male dominated campaigners with more concern for the nation’s welfare than their own gains. I say God bless every one of them.

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