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September 25, 2010

14 US Senate Candidates Endorsed for Opposition to Dream Act Amnesty

Filed under: Immigration - 25 Sep 2010

President Obama’s and Senator Reid’s push for a vote on Dream Act Amnesty today is tipping the scale of voter support in favor of candidates opposed to illegal immigrants and ALIPAC is moving quickly to organize support behind candidates by …

Barack Obama: The Man Who Would be God?

When writing about Barack Obama’s religious orientation recently, I pointed out that while I do believe he favors Muslim over Western culture, bowing before another — even God — is above his humility grade.  I further mentioned that in …

Palestine – Clinton Opens Up Alternatives To Two-State Solution

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 25 Sep 2010

American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has publicly canvassed the possibility of considering alternative solutions on the future sovereignty of the West Bank as the current negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority to create a new Arab state …

The Truth Will Set You Politically Free

I know how to push people’s buttons and week after week I love to push those buttons. Usually I revel in pushing the buttons belonging to liberals and then watching the nonsensical hate mail roll in with so-called rebuttals …

What To Do About The Congressional Black Caucus?

Black Tea Party singer/speaker, Lloyd Marcus reporting in from performing at the Wake Up America Tea Party in Ft Worth,Texas at the convention center. Ann Coulter rocked the house with an awesome speech after my presentation.