Shhhhhh Listen…… God Is Speaking

By: Ken Hughes

Every so often God stops by America to check up on things and give a few words of advice. God has a great stake in America it’s perhaps his finest creation out of the billions of others. America was a land laden with all the things man needed to create a utopia on earth. After centuries of deliberation God finally allowed a few white men and women the rare privilege of coming and settling in this land of near perfection. Once a new critter is introduced into the environment without a predator it reproduces and makes it the dominant critter, and so it was with man and this new environment.

Mans ego being what it is there aren’t that many who will admit God does speak to us, it’s in a language called Common Sense. There’s always that little voice in the back of our minds that tells us when we’re doing something wrong. When we take a moment and think usually the right thoughts do pop into our mind, that’s if we listen to our instincts [Gods Voice.] The majority of men have spent their lives creating things and very few bother to question where this knowledge comes form or how to respect and pay attention to Gods blessings.

God must have one hell of a sense of humor when he / she looks at man and hears them take credit for things that were left laying around for them to find and assemble into useable products. Without a beginning there is no end, [ergo] without a raw product there are no finished products. It’s in mans best interest to understand where all those raw products came from and how it came to be that man has the knowledge to put the right pegs in the right holes to create these modern marvels. I doubt without some outside inspiration man has the ability to be so creative.

That same outside inspiration should go into our political practices as well. Barack Obama is perhaps the first who has ever reached such political heights defying there is a God and gotten away with it. Most politicians clam a connection with God that few actually have, they speak about it but not to God. Many religions have become perversions of God word because the leaders want more power over their congregations than the good books allow. None of these so called modern deified profits are teaching Gods word. Like politicians their larger than life persona is all about power. God and only God is the master planner all others were sent to lend a hand in times of stress. Gods profits are still coming we just don’t recognize them from the charlatans.

The left rather than communicating with voters chose instead as a strategy for the coming election to demonize Conservative with every expletive they could think of. Calling them Tea Baggers, racists, homophobes, radical Christians going so far as to call them Republicans, when conservatism was battling nannyism it was a fair fight. Now that socialism has captured the left the right needs to turn to God for guidance more than ever.

The left attracts the underproductive with shinny beads and empty promises. It doesn’t take much to attract those whose motivation is a government hand out however fleeting the rewards may be. Socialism promises to provide for the masses, God promises to show men and women how to provide for themselves and gives them the tools to work with. That was how America came to be men and women willing to challenge the odds to create a land free of excessive government intervention.

In a recent speech Obama said the government must be repaired to do for the people what the people can’t do for themselves. I would remind the president in a true Republic the people are the government. How does that make government bureaucrats smarter and more skilled than John and Jane Public, it doesn’t. It’s that kind of thinking that makes liberals think the public are a bunch of brainless sheep who can’t find the pastures unless they’re herded there.

There was a time when Americas was a beacon to the world. In times of pearl regardless if it was a natural disaster or a war Americans were first on the seen with men equipment and money. Americans have always had a tradition of protecting those less fortunate. Beginning with Bill Clinton that tradition has slowly eroded until now no other country trusts America to keep its word.

The Obama administration is playacting Iran at the expense of Israel and the Arab nations in the Middle East. Iranians are not Arabs they are Persians. The Persian Empire once encompassed the entire Middle East if Iran has the bomb they will undoubtedly use it to expand their Empire back to its former size and beyond. Murdering the innocent is not a problem with the Iranian brand of Islam, if your not one of them you have no right to exist.

We often hear “How can a loving God allow these terrible things to happen” God gave man breath and a brain and expected he / she would put both to work to create a life of happiness and prosperity. It isn’t God creating these terrible things its man and usually because of his / her greed. Too many people expect more than they’re capable of producing for themselves. That wasn’t what God had in mind when he put those Pilgrims on the Mayflower and gave it a shove out to sea.

I am not a person who claims to be a Christen, I don’t subscribe to any religious ideology. I believe there is a God and I believe God talks to me. I am not anti-religion everyone has the right to believe as they wish as long as they aren’t forcing other to believe in their religion

I believe when God sees America with one foot at the edge of the abyss he / she reaches out and pull us back. Obama has put America at the edge of destruction from within. Have faith God is coming to make things right again.


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