Can Republicans Keep A Pledge?

By: Ken Hughes

Republicans are introducing a new broad pledge to voters of what to expect from them if / when they take charge of the house and possibly the senate in January 2011. I remember 1994 and the Contract with America, the old time Republicans in the senate only accepted about half of those proposals then found a way to get rid of Newt Gingrich its creator, then congress could get back to politics as usual. If this election goes as it appears it will now there will be enough conservative freshman congress persons in both houses to change the time honored practice of the “Good Old Boys Club.” controlling things. With the number of conservative women running for the senate the good old boys may have a fight on their hands they can’t win.

Thomas Jefferson said “When the people fear the government its tyranny, when the government fears the people its liberty. It’s time for the voters to turn that fear back on the government.

The misery index hasn’t been this high since Jimmy Carter was president. Life in Obama’s America is the closest its come to the great depression as we have seen in seventy five years. Every citizen should be asking themselves are they better off today than they were when George Bush was president? Most of the time Americans are pleasant people with positive attitudes, Obama’s policies and rhetoric has deflated public moral to people thinking they are little more than dog crap. The Tea Party movement was created to turn American pride back to a positive. If Democrats are really looking for the origins of the Tea Party movement they only have to look to the Whitehouse and Barack Obama. Americans have never tolerated enemies of liberty especially those from within the current situation is no exception people are mad as hell.

The Tea Party movement is turning pride in America back to a positive thing rather than something Obama considers negative. If the Obamas can’t be proud of America it’s because they’ve never contributed anything to America that’s made it special. In Obamas America only a select few are given the privilege of power everyone else is to be treated like worker bees, they gather the honey to build the house and feed the Queens. That’s not how individual freedom is defined in America.

There’s a wave of pride sweeping across this land called America and for a better definition it’s called the Tea Party movement. This movement is not part of a political party nor does it have any central origination. It’s just like its forbearer it’s a popular cause fighting for justice and freedom. Americans normally don’t go to the streets to address their grievances. It’s a rare occasion to see masses of Americans protesting the abuses of government in this manner. When the voice of the people is ignored to the extent the Obama administration has ignored them there are few choices left. It took six years of protests for Colonials to move beyond public protests to armed rebellion let’s pray we can turn things around before it comes to another armed revolt. I doubt the Obama administration could find a dozen Americans to stand with them in an armed revolt by the citizens of this country.

Extreme Democrats [aka] Liberals have nothing to offer after a year and a half of Obamanomics now they’re turning to the nastiest political campaign this country has seen in recent history. One left wing extremist sent me an e-mail suggesting the Tea Party was planning the assassination of Barack Obama. There was no mention of which of the many Tea Parties was involved, nor was there any back up data. It seems it was just one more figment of the lefts imagination, the question is will this allegation grow legs and run through the mainstream media, or will it remain just one demented minds fantasy.

Republicans have finally come up with a Pledge to the American people of things they intend to change once they are back in charge. Not everything in the pledge can be accomplished. It’s going to take time to sift through the hidden clauses tucked away in the massive bills passed by the 111th congress. There’re recommendations in these bills not even congress is aware are there. A new congress regardless which party is in charge is going to have to be more accountable to the public than the 111th has been. Republicans have been depicted as the party of [no] for a year and a half, now is the time for them to shift to a party of listen and learn. If politicians don’t pay attention and learn from the Tea Party experience surly new political parties will rise from the ashes of both the old Democrats and Republican parties.

There are several things a Republican administered congress should do, first and foremost it needs to heal the ethnic divide the Obama administration is so heavily relying on. There needs to be one America not a Black, Hispanic and Asian America that’s been promoted by Democrats for the past three years. No single ethnic group is more deserving than another and that includes whites. Everyone should share equally in the costs as well as the benefits of government services, and those services should be limited to only what the constitution allows for. The so called commerce clause shouldn’t be perverted to mean more than it says. If Republicans can restore the government back to what the constitution provides for and return states rights back to the states America can again become the light that ignites freedom around the world.

It isn’t just liberalism that’s perverted the constitution, Republican and Democratic congress persons are equally responsible. When serving in congress became a career position rather than a privileged it ceased to be what the founding fathers envisioned. If Republicans are sincere about serving the people they’ll abolish most of the traditions of congress and pass a constitutional amendment limiting congressional service and bring the halls of congress back to being the house of the people. It’s been a long time since the voice of the people’s been heard in Washington.

If Republicans can’t represent the people Conservative Republicans can, 2010 is only the first step, 2012 and 2014 are coming up fast. Liberals are right Republicans need to go back to a time when “We the People” counted for something more than just money pit providers.

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