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September 19, 2010

African-Americans, Latinos more socially conservative than their leadership

Filed under: Politics In General - 19 Sep 2010

During the controversy and heated debate over same-sex marriage, many in the news media failed to report that clear majorities of African-Americans and Latinos voted to preserve traditional marriage between a man and a woman. Sadly, except for the Church …

Six More Federal Candidates Line Up Against Illegal Alien Amnesty

Filed under: Immigration - 19 Sep 2010

ALIPAC is encouraging national supporters in the fight against amnesty and illegal immigration to pay close attention to the group of 138 endorsed Federal candidates listed at, as they vote in primaries in seven states today.

A Tale of Two Evil Democrat Paradigms

Two paradigms which evil divisive democrats have shamefully promoted and exploited for years are; one, white men are burning the midnight oil thinking of ways to keep blacks down and two, all rich white people are selfish, evil and deserving …

September 18, 2010

An American Maid of Honor

Filed under: Potpourri - 18 Sep 2010

I was up in Delaware working with Tea Party Express on the Christine O’Donnell for U.S. Senate campaign. While working on my computer, the maid knocked on my hotel room door. “You really do not need to clean my room. …

Workplace violence: Workers killed and wounded on the job

Filed under: Crime and Punishment,In The News - 18 Sep 2010

A woman suspended from Kraft Foods’s Philadelphia plant returned within moments after being escorted from the building and opened fire with a handgun, mortally wounding two women and injuring a third worker.

Local police reported that the incident occurred last Thursday …

The Tea Party Is The New Voice Of Conservatism

Filed under: Conservatism & Libertarianism - 18 Sep 2010

The Tea Party movement is as close to Goldwater / Reagan Conservatism as any political ideology can expect to get. Both have a strong belief in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as the foundation of a sound government. …

Tea Party Good For GOP

The tea party, the widely misunderstood, and wildly maligned, grassroots movement is the only thing giving the GOP a chance in the upcoming November elections. Like a transfusion to a sick person the tea party brings new blood to a …

September 17, 2010


Filed under: Politics In General - 17 Sep 2010

Extortion, intimidation, and scams: these are the tactics of thugs. On the streets of Chicago there are neighborhoods where the police won’t enter after dark. Gangs of thugs rule the night protecting the neighborhood or engaging in what …

Dear God: The Ninth Anniversary Prayer

Filed under: War On Terror - 17 Sep 2010

Dear God,

You created me as a straight-talking free thinker, and it is in this manner that I pray.

As mankind marks another solemn anniversary of that dark day, I find myself an observer to troubling circumstances which I fear will …

9-11 Attacks: First responders 9 years later

Filed under: War On Terror - 17 Sep 2010

As the nation remembers the shock and horror of the 9-11 terrorist attacks nine years ago, one sore point that continues to fester is the lack of training for local first responders especially in suburban and rural areas of the …

Protecting Our Most Basic Right

Filed under: Basic American Rights,Featured Conservative - 17 Sep 2010

By: Jennifer Kimball

After seven long years of war in Iraq, President Barack Obama declared last week: “It’s time to turn the page.” America’s military role in Iraq is over, our “responsibility has been met,” and our troops are coming home. …

September 16, 2010

What Is A Born Again Conservative

Filed under: Conservatism & Libertarianism - 16 Sep 2010

Politicians thrive on buzz works like Vultures on road kill once the pray show up they all jump on for a meal. This election conservatism has become one of the popular buzz words. Few know what the word conservative stands …

The Future of the Tea Party Movement

Filed under: Conservatism & Libertarianism - 16 Sep 2010

By: James R. Keena

Assume, for the purpose of this discussion, that the Tea Party movement continues to significantly influence political outcomes through the 2010 primaries and general elections.

In other words, assume that conservative-leaning candidates win their primaries, that …

Say No to the Ground Zero Victory Mosque

Filed under: In The News - 16 Sep 2010

By: John Zmirak

This weekend, my home town will be the site of an extraordinary event. Let me beg everyone who is able to make the pilgrimage to Ground Zero on the ninth anniversary of the Islamist mass-murder attack on our …

Just relax your throat: Liberals and their need to force-feed America

Are you hungry, America? Got a rumble in the tummy telling you it’s time to eat? If we are honest about it, Americans have a really big appetite for almost everything. I will admit that to self-loathing liberals, who bemoan …

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