Seriously ?!

By: Patti Bankson

Senator John Kerry thinks that clueless voters with short attention spans are responsible for the Democrat’s current tough battle against Republican candidates nationwide. He told reporters, “We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening”.(Does he mean, ‘Hope and Change’ and Change we can believe in?’) He continued, “I think a lot of the anger today – while it’s appropriate because Washington is broken – is not directed at the right people… “Barney is prepared, as others are, to explain what we’re doing. I think when people hear the facts and they see what we’re doing, it frankly makes sense.” Seriously??… is that Barney Frank he’s talking about? The same Barney who helped create the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac fiasco, which helped create our real estate and economic fiascos? Oh, yeah. I want him to explain what they’re doing, and why. And I want them to explain what they’re not doing. Like, not cleaning up the swamp of corruption, as Nancy Pelosi promised, starting with Charlie Rangel’s and Maxine Waters’ “alleged” fraud.

• Speaking of “CLUELESS”: Voters aren’t the only clueless ones on the planet… Comedian Stephen Colbert mocked lawmakers to their faces in supposedly formal testimony before the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security and International Law. Some laughed; Others got it. Maybe John Kerry should’ve addressed them on their cluelessness before they went along with the farce. But…House Speaker, Pelosi thought Colbert’s “testimony” was “great”! Seriously!

• Speaking of PLANETS: The UN is even more clueless than Kerry’s electorate. A Malaysian Astrophysicist, Mazlan Othman, who heads the UN’s Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa) will now be our “Alien Ambassador” … that means that, happily, we’ll have her on hand to greet aliens when they drop in for a visit. What a relief! I was really worried about them thinking that we, on planet Earth, are totally without manners and hospitality, weren’t you? I mean, seriously… that’s really at the top of my list of problems we should be addressing right now! And it’s definitely got to be the most pressing issue facing the UN.

• Speaking of ALIENS: Congress couldn’t be farther out of touch with Americans if they were from outer space themselves. They still don’t understand that we’re tired of being a political football. They say they’re “concerned” about our economic problems, but are they, seriously? Remember the explanations I wanted in the first paragraph? Well, add these things to that list: if they’re so concerned, why are they going home without dealing honestly and openly with the issue of extending the Bush tax cuts, or not, before the November elections? Do they seriously believe that we don’t know that that’s their way of trying to avoid hearing from us on the issue? Do they seriously believe we think the Small Business bill they passed, instead, makes more sense? Did they seriously think we’d never learn that the bill to provide “selected” tax breaks to businesses does nothing but waste more of our money? In fact, that $42B bill costs $84,000 per job! Once again, our Tax Dollars at Work… Not much bang for our buck, eh?

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