The Pledge

By: William P. Frasca

The Republicans have finally come up with their new version of Newt Gingrich and the Grand Old Party’s successful promises made to America, and the American people, called “The Contract with America”. The Contract with America was first introduced, cleverly and strategically, six weeks before the 1994 Congressional election. This was a ground breaking vow, oath and promised offered to the American people, assuring them that, it wasn’t politics as usual. They affirmed their sincerity in writing to honor all their campaign prescribed promises.

This virtually eliminated all the usual lies, innuendoes, false promises and misstatements of facts which are standard operational procedures during each and every election and election cycle. It was elatedly accepted, with open arms, by all their rookie Republican Congressional candidates, with unanimous approval, and extended to most of their senior members.

This commitment proved to be a big plus in the overwhelming title wave of pertinent victories which were swept in with the support and approval of the electorate. This obviously showed their frustrations towards Present Clinton and the Democrats.

Unfortunately, it takes a combination of heavy handed, quality of life mistakes of enormous malicious capacity created by a run away government, to break us out of this habitual trace of a Messiah syndrome. This pattern of disorder was identified during Clinton and copied by Obama.

We faced some periods in our history when we glorified an individual or organization as Saviors and worshiped them as Royalty, instead of exercising our Constitution rights, stressing our control with a Government of, by, and for the people. Sometime we develop a slight case of amnesia, forgetting that work for us. Whatever power they have, are from our generosity and pleasure, in which we can immediately rectify and eliminate whenever we so desire.

This was a fantastic agreement and bond which not only backed President Clinton against the ropes, trying desperately doing his rope a dope defense of liberal nonsense, undermining their intentions and ridiculing their Contract as counter productive, but it also held the Republicans feet to the fire.

This contract was a commitment in writing with step by step procedures in alleviating the essential problems that were plaguing our Country. That was instigated by the unorthodox failed Liberal policies. The only thing on their list which was never enacted was term limits.

Personal power is just another form of self love and vanity. It’s very difficult for anyone to place limitations on ones own arrogance, conceit, and egotism. They are truly “Legends in Their Own Minds”. That’s why we have incoherent prehistoric Senators and Members of Congress, way past their prime, sitting in their elected positions, today that have absolutely no clue on who, what, when, where, why, or how. Unfortunately these individuals are left to the final conclusion of their own demise in leaving office, because the electorate is unwilling to vote them out.

The policies documented in the “Contract with America” were so crucial in our revitalization. This unbeknownst to the Republicans not only sealed their position of power, but raised Clinton’s popularity. The Republican were so busy using all their talents and abilities in unselfishly saving America and its future that they regrettably resurrected Bill Clinton from the depths of annihilation and despair by placing a feather in his cap. Their success overflowed to him. It proved to rejuvenate his popularity and unknowingly became an ally and asset to his Presidency. He reversed his train of thought and ideology from Liberal, to the middle of the road. He undeservedly accepted this credit, and even with his immorality; guaranteed him victory for his second term.

“A Pledge to America” which was recently introduced and just happen to be approximately in the same time frame as the “Contract with America” is not only necessary for the survival of the Republican Party, proclaiming their leadership capabilities but also the liberation of America from the clutches of the habitual violators who totally disregard our cornerstone of freedom, The United States Constitution.

The Democrats arrogantly lost touch with the American people and the Republicans must reinstate, to them, their confidence. When the Republicans had total power they became a subservient party to the Democrats. They were afraid to make a move without their approval, with paranoid fear of being called prejudice, racists and bigots. They were a house divided. The Democrats held the strings and manipulated them into losing their short reign of total power.

This showed proof to the American people that they weren’t leaders but followers, leaving the flood gates wide open for Socialist Marxist liberal control of the Senate and the House and adding the ultimate control of the Executive Branch with our present day Messiah, President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. This blunder was the start of America’s regression limiting our rights, freedoms, financial collapse with total government control over our lives.

They pledged to reduce the size of the Obama Socialist Marxists inflationary bureaucracies and to eliminate inefficient government programs. Controlling spending and decrease the deficit. They promise to revamp or replace the unpopular Obacare that is presently showing its ugly head with programs geared to increase insurance premiums and decreasing care. They want to establish a mandatory time period, to review, research and investigation each Bill, before voting. They promised to follow the Constitution.

They vowed to take a stronger stance on Immigration by securing our borders, increasing patrol, harmoniously working with the State and Local officials to enforce all established laws, and unshackling the ties that bind the border patrol from Federal Departments. They want more stringent involvement and scrutiny on visas, especially from terrorist nations. They want to bring back pride to America instead of bowing and apologizing to everyone throughout the world friend or foe.

Finally the erroneously labeled Party of “no” from their opposition, has rose to the occasion, picked up the gauntlet and displayed their courage, intelligence, leadership, and management, recognizing their true potential hand and hand with the American people.

These are just a few Pledges, in their attempt to correct the injustices imposed on all of us by our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and his Socialist Marxist liberal army of contempt and self love.

Now the worm has turned, the Democrats, by mindlessly following their corrupt incompetent Socialist Marxist leadership, have proven to be the wimpy gutless cowards, selling America and ignoring the will of the people. They have not offered any legitimate worthiness of their abilities to operate our government, at the highest possible standards, expect right into the ground.

Naturally the Obama puppets, called the main stream media, and who incorrectly identify themselves as members of the free press, are attacking these Pledges and the Republican Party. What else is new?

Some say they didn’t go far enough, but it’s a beginning, which should be commended.

Will this new “Pledge to America”, as did the “Contract with America”, if enacted, change Our President Barack Hussein Obama, The Chosen One’s, free falling political future? Will it change his attitude? It miraculously helped Bill Clinton, even with his entire extended ego, changing his behavior and philosophy, making him not only survived but thrived?

Or did we truly elect, as our President, the narrowest minded, self centered individual, of the highest caliber, existing today, in the 21st Century? Only time will tell if history will repeat itself.

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