Amnesty Supporting Democrats Face Defeat in IA, TN, MA, RI!


Four more federal candidates will receive votes, volunteers, and donations from Americans for Legal Immigration PAC supporters due to their opposition to any Amnesty plan that would eventually make illegal immigrants voters, which would radically alter American politics in favor of open borders.

ALIPAC is endorsing four Republican candidates for Congress who have completed the ALIPAC 2010 Candidate survey indicating their support for immigration enforcement, instead of Amnesty.

Today’s endorsements include Ben Lange running in Iowa’s 1st District, Diane Black in Tennessee’s 6th District, Jeffrey D. Perry in Massachusetts’s 10th District, and John J. Loughlin in Rhode Island’s 1st District.

“These candidates are making it very clear to voters that they stand with Americans who want our existing border and immigration laws enforced and American voters saved from being replaced by illegal aliens granted Dream or Comprehensive Amnesty,” said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. “Their opponents support rewarding illegal aliens with a path to citizenship that would grant them voting rights. Americans must stand behind these candidates if they value their own votes.”

Each candidate has indicated they support Arizona’s new law SB 1070, deportations for illegal aliens apprehended by law enforcement, fines for employers that hire illegal aliens, and Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement measures.

Ben Lange’s opponent, Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley, has a grade of F with NumbersUSA at their website due to Braley’s support for Amnesty for illegal immigrants combined with his votes against border security to protect American citizens.

John J. Loughlin’s Democratic opponent, David Cicilline, is one of the few federal candidates in America displaying open support for Obama’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty which would add over 12 million new voters that support illegal immigration into American politics. Those voting for Cicilline would literally be voting to replace their own votes in future American elections.

Diane Black and Jeffrey D. Perry are facing Democratic candidates Brett Carter and Bill Keating who are also expected to support Obama, Reid, and Pelosi’s push for Amnesty for illegal aliens.

While Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is a non partisan group that endorses Republican and Democratic candidates, many more Republican candidates are lining up with the vast majority of Americans who support enforcement instead of appeasement to resolve the illegal immigration crisis. While pro Amnesty and open borders groups plan to rally in Washington on October 2, ALIPAC is leading the way to rally American groups and activists behind campaigns like these.

For more information, to schedule interviews, or to view ALIPAC’s current 158 Federal endorsements that include candidates in your state, please visit

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