The Left Has Beck Envy

By: Craig Chamberlain

Glenn Beck, conservative commentator, and Tea Party advocate, has a lot of enemies. Some are on the right, there a few evangelicals who don’t like the fact that he is a Mormon. There are some establishment, Rockefeller Republicans who don’t like his support of the Tea Party. These groups, however are a distinct, and tiny, minority. Ninety-nine percent of his enemies come from the left. It’s an arguable point that the left hates Beck more than they hate Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin. Why? There are many reasons. First is the fact that he exposes the left for what it really is. Instead of being a bunch of mainstream liberals Beck has proven them to be a serious group of committed Marxists bent on getting rid of the Constitution, any meaningful Democratic process, and the free market economy that has made the United States the wealthiest nation in the world. Secondly, there is envy. The left doesn’t have its version of Glenn Beck (or Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, or Bill O’Reilly for that matter.) Beck pulls in ratings that Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Anderson Cooper could only dream of. Then they just hate him for what he stands for. He’s not just exposing their lies he’s proving that the alternative to them is not dead and buried. He’s patriotic, God fearing, believes that government has constitutional limitations, and that those limitations should be honored. To the left, such ideas aren’t just silly, they’re dangerous.

So since the left can’t defeat Beck they are going to copy him. Beck’s “Restore Honor” rally, held on August the 28th, drew and estimated 300,000 people (or more according to some estimates). As far as the left was concerned this was not a rally about honor, or people leading pious lives, it was little more than a Klan rally hosted by Beck and Sarah Palin. To anyone who actually saw the rally, and has an objective mind such a pronouncement is stupid. There was nothing racist in the rally, unless a bunch of people saying they love their country, and that people shouldn’t ignore religious principles, is inherently racist.

The left wants their own version of this rally. So on October 2nd a cabal of left wing groups will be holding the “One Nation Working Together” rally. This rally is being organized by a veritable who’s who of left wing moonbats. Everyone from the AFL- CIO to the American Communist Party is putting time, and money(mostly taxpayers) into this rally, which is explicitly designed to be the antithesis of everything the Restoring Honor rally was. These fascists hope that they get 100,000 fellow fascists to show up. To this I say two things. First of all they’re dreaming. Secondly, even if by some miracle they do hit the one hundred thousand mark it would be a fraction of the people who attended the “Restoring Honor” rally, and it would be made up not of citizens, but of rent-a- crowds paid for by people who want to see and end of the American Republic.

Will this rally be about love of country? Will it be about faith, hope, and charity? Will it be about personal freedom and responsibility? Not a chance. If anything these fools think President Obama hasn’t gone far enough in pushing his socialist agenda. It will be about more government, more government, and yes… still more government. There won’t be a word about personal responsibility and looking after ourselves. There won’t be a word about economic freedom. Instead it will be the ritual denunciations of the “rich”(that is people who actually work for a living), and calls for more taxes, the redistribution of wealth from the productive to the lazy, government programs to keep the unemployed and the poor dependent upon big government, and there will be the obligatory calls for amnesty. And of course anyone who opposes them will be a racist. So which one is the racist, political rally? The one advocating a return to religious principles in our lives, or the rally paid for by the American Communist Party?

But wait, there’s more! On October 30th, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be holding their “Restoring Sanity” rally. A direct shot at Beck and the people who support him Apparently no sane person could support the constitution, limited government, love of God, family, and country. Instead the two most overrated funny men in America( and there about as funny as a rectal exam. The only constituent that finds them really funny are idiots, people too stupid to know what in the world they are laughing at. They just know they’re supposed to and go along with the rest of the crowd) They will certainly draw more people than the Marxists on October 2nd, after all there are enough giggling morons in the 20 something crowd that actually like these clowns, and will show up just to see these two goofballs. They should hold this rally on the 31st that’s the perfect day for all the freaks to come out and gather.

But just like the “One Nation Working Together” rally this one will be equally easy to predict. These two tools of the administration, posing as satirists, will denounce, mock, belittle, and berate anyone who has the indecency to disagree with them. You see were just not smart enough to get, were not hip enough to understand. Were too busy thumping our Bibles, cleaning our guns, and burning crosses to see the truth. Stewart and Colbert, like the Marxist coalition, will spend their rally in Ad Hominem attacks against those they disagree with.

Anyone who agrees with the Tea Party and its aims will be denounced as racist, homophobic, theocratic, fascist, war mongers. But Stewart and Colbert will do it all in the name of humor and with a smile on their faces, so that will make it ok. They should just merge the rallies, they’ll actually get more than 10,000 people that way, and Stewart and Colbert can entertain their comrades while calling for more government.

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