Give Me A Break … A Tax Break

By: Ken Hughes

While the president wastes time on backyard barbeques and congress wastes time on vilifying the Tea Party movement the public spends time worrying what next year’s taxes and IRS regulation will be. The salutation is very clear; don’t increase taxes above what they are now. You’ll notice I didn’t mention the Bush tax cuts; that’s all political hog wash. Congress reduced the tax rates while Bush was president that doesn’t mean they were Bush tax cuts. It meant for once while Bush was president congress did the right thing. It meant tax rates were reduced with a possibility of raising them back to a higher rate later. Since the inception of income tax was first introduced they’ve become a politician’s favorite toy to memorize the public with, in addition they’ve become a political Cash Cow used as a whip to keep the voters in line both physically and physiologically. The IRS was the beginning of the slow murder of the constitution, since then it’s been expanded to include all departments of the government. As long as there’re patriots who believe in the constitution and the American way liberalism can’t completely destroy the constitution the American way.

Congress really isn’t made up of Democrats and Republicans it’s comprised of a group of Good Old Boys who believe seniority is the rule governing congressional conduct and to hell with what the public expects from them. Once a politician graduates from campaign to congress and steps through that bubble surrounding Washington they develop a whole new attitude toward the job they were elected to do. The will of the people somehow seems to get lost in their new prospective. Years ago the old timers took newbie’s aside and explained the rules to them, now professional handlers hold classes for freshmen congress persons where the rules are not only explained but are written down and passed out in booklet form. For the first three or four terms a congress person is limited to what they can think or say, they stand silent in the back ground while the big dogs do the talking. Even then out of five hundred thirty five [535] elected congress persons fewer than two dozen who are ever heard from.

Congressional leadership and the administration hold the keys to next year’s tax policies. Will Nancy Pelosi lose her house leadership seat and Harry Reid loses his reelection bid. Should these things take place it will change the mood of congress toward not raising taxes? It doesn’t matter the new congress as its first legislation could simply reinstate the old tax rates, I doubt Obama will have the power of a veto in the coming 112th congress. John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, a reluctant Bill Clinton and George W. Bush all proved lower tax rates improved the economy increased employment and brought more tax money to the treasury than by increasing taxes. Increasing taxes will not reduce the deficit, the only way to reduce the deficit if for congress to stop spending.

If I were one of those Extreme Czars presidents appoint I would mandate the following!

All legislation would be written in layman language and posted for the public to read prior to being sent to the president for his / her signature.

Amendments to any bill could only pertain to the content of the bill, no more than four amendments could be submitted with any one bill.

No bill would be considered the authors couldn’t stand before congress and explain all the details and ramifications.

No bill requesting special financing could be attached to another bill, all requests for financing would have to stand on their own merits in separate bills.

All congressional committee meetings would be open to public scrutiny at all times. Committee chair persons could not hold legislation hostage, every member of ever committee would have an equal vote in the proceedings.

All congress persons would be required to spend a minimum of 25 % of their time each month in their districts and available to any and all of their constituents.

There are untold ways of cleaning up the corruption in congress; these are a few of the hundreds I have thought of over the years. Any elected official that’s says these thing aren’t possible only needs to read the constitution.
This nation was founded on two pages, seven articles of rules that took ten years to write and they’ve lasted for well over two hundred years. It’s the substance not the complexities of laws that justly governs mans conduct.

For half a century congress has gotten away with an almost total lack of scrutiny from the public. The nation was so prosperous there was little need for concern, that is until the economy become over burdened with so called entitlements the GDP could no longer carry the burden of. Government subsidized poverty has no qualifying factors except not looking for a job. Like so many things in government the list of recipients is never purged, benefits are not only collected in perpetuity they become generational. Politicians justify subsidizing the home grown poor with the myth the rich are to rich and have an obligation to share. I have half a dozen copies of the constitution and I can’t find in any of them where it says a citizens income i.e. property can be taxed arbitrarily at the discrediting of the government. Nor can I find anything in the constitution that says I must share with the underachievers. The public looked at the so called poor primarily minorities with a sense of guilt, now that so many of the public arer facing an uncertain future they expect the so called poor to share these uncertain times equally with them.

If / when the New Tea Party backed Republicans take charge of congress their first duty is to take the leadership away from the Good Old Boys and make decisions based on four hundred thirty five votes in the house and one hundred votes in the senate as it was intended to be. There must be a new way to define leadership in congress that doesn’t bow to seniority. The Good Old Boys must become the Gone Old Boys and a new day with a new philosophy of equal participation must be instilled in congress.

2010 is only the first round for the Tea Party. In order to complete their mission they must stick around at the very least until 2012. The Tea Party movement is making America the America of our dreams for hope and a future.


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