New Anthrax Scare, Another American killed, Sanchez Fired!


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The recent illegal alien ‘Machete Riots’ in Los Angeles have taken a new twist. The Rampart police station was evacuated after a threatening letter addressed to one of the officers that shot the drunk bloody knife wielding illegal in Westlake, contained white powder.

Station Evacuated: Illegal alien anthrax attack scare

While several Americans are murdered by illegal aliens each week, another high profile murder may have occurred on a lake in Texas where Mexican bandits attacked an American couple. Our hearts and prayers go out to the wife, friends, and family of David Michael Hartley.

“Investigators believe David Michael Hartley, 30, died after he was shot in the back of the head as he and his wife fled from three approaching boats”…

American Shot by Mexican Pirates While Jet Skiing on Falcon Lake

We have just received word that CNN has fired pro Amnesty and pro illegal immigration commentator Rick Sanchez. Sanchez is an old ALIPAC adversary. They say Sanchez was fired for calling John Stewart of Comedy Central a “bigot” and some comments about Jewish people.

Rick Sanchez Fired From CNN After Controversial Comments

Background videos

ALIPAC’s William Gheen Vs. Rick Sanchez on CNN

Rick Sanchez & William Gheen Debate Irving TX illegal aliens
(Wow! Sanchez mentions John Stewart (first few seconds of video) way back on this video from Oct 2007!)

Gheen and Sanchez Fight on CNN over Illegal Aliens Military
(Sanchez lies about illegals in the military)

Licenses for Illegals: Hillary Clinton follows McCain Plunge
(Sanchez apologizes to Gheen and admits he was wrong)

If you have seen news coverage of these stories any place other than ALIPAC’s homepage, please make a comment at this link as we are sending these stories to our national media lists….


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